[PHOTO] Winston Churchill, Painting


[VIDEO] Louis Prima:’ When You’re Smiling’, ‘C’è La Luna’, ‘Zooma Zooma’, ‘Oh Marie’

Awesome television appearance. With Keely Smith, Sam Butera and the Witnesses, natch

Cilla Black, Popular British Singer and TV Personality, Passed Away in Spain at Age 72


Early Sunday morning it was announced that Cilla Black, a popular British singer and television personality had passed away in Spain at age 72.

Black, who was an early contemporary of the Beatles had been ill for some time, and told the Mirror in 2014 that she was ready to go.

“Seventy five is a good age to go,” Black said.

“If things are starting to drop off – like the hearing – and I’ve got twinges in the morning, I do think that.”

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Marilyn Monroe by Milton Greene, 1953


Marilyn Monroe photographed by Milton Greene, 1953

R. Kikuo Johnson Illustration for The New Yorker‘s Anthony Lane Review of ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’


Anthony Lane reviews “Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation”:

Tom Cruise is in excellent fettle, relaxing like a high-wire artist into the tensest of predicaments, and securing his status as the Dorian Gray of action movies. So what if his portrait decays with age in a vault at Paramount Pictures, as long as he preserves the smooth, unfading cockiness of youth?

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Illustration by R. Kikuo Johnson

Science Fiction Cover: ‘A is for Astronaut’


Vintage Walt Disney Studios Model Sheets

tudio-sheets-minnie studio-sheets studio-sheet-horace studio-sheets-clarabelle minnie-2

Vintage Walt Disney Studios model sheets, circa 1931.

Jimi Hendrix’s Drawings of Hydroplanes


…As a young man, Jimi was so taken with the hydro races that he drew several pictures of them.

Those pictures are now part of his legacy at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…(read more)

Source: Jimi Hendrix’s love affair with hydroplanes during Seafair

Q13 FOX News

Bombs, or Bonds: Why Not Both?


I’m Making Bombs and Buying Bonds! (victory loan drive) « Je fabrique des bombes et j’achète des obligations! » : campagne d’obligations de la Victoire

The Incredible Hulk: Hostess Fruit Pie?


[PHOTO] Belle + Taco Bell = Taco Belle


Belle + Taco BellTaco Belle, fast food princess and puntastically awesome cosplay by master costumer Olivia Mears, aka Avant-Geek.

It all began in 2012 when Mears went to Taco Bell dressed as Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.


Then she made a stunning dress out of Taco Bell taco wrappers last year:


Now she’s combined the two in a stunning satin ballgown. The tacos are made of hand-painted card stock, tissue paper, and felt. The flowers and ruffles are made from Taco Bell wrappers.

To check out more of her gorgeous costumes visit Olivia Mears’ DeviantArt portfolio or Facebook page.

[via Neatorama]

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Valmont, German Lobby Card, 1989



Valmont, German lobby card. 1989

Submitted by Dieter

‘Ghost Biker’ Illustration by Shawn Dickinson


Shawn Dickinson

Cold-War Blonde


 via Twitter

[PHOTO] Ray Charles, Photographed by Lee Friedlander, 1959


Ray Charles photographed by Lee Friedlander, 1959


Ancient Bronzes Visit Los Angeles


Rare, powerful, beautiful, and unusual sculptures from the Ancient world demonstrate the innovations in technique, portraiture, and subject matter during the Hellenistic Period.

What is a Hellenistic Bronze? Here’s our explainer on the Getty Iris blog.


Installation views with objects courtesy of The National Archaeological Museum, Athens, the Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Culture and the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Antikensammlung, and Archaeological Museum of Kalymnos.


New Detective: ‘You Can’t Run Far Enough’


You Can’t Run Far Enough!


Novelty: Vintage Cadillac Bicycle


True Crime Writer Ann Rule Dies


Rule, who went to work briefly at the Seattle Police Department when she was 21, began writing for magazines like ‘True Detective‘ in 1969. She has published more than 1,400 articles, mostly on criminal cases.

True-crime writer Ann Rule, who wrote more than 30 books, including a profile of her former co-worker, serial killer Ted Bundy, has died at age 84.

Scott Thompson, a spokesman for CHI Franciscan Health, said Rule died at Highline Medical Center at 10:30 p.m. Sunday. Rule’s daughter, Leslie
ruleRule, said on Facebook that her mother had many health issues, including congestive heart failure.

“Rest in peace to our beloved true crime author and former Seattle police officer, Ann Rule.”

— Rule’s publisher, Simon & Schuster

Rule passed peacefully and was able to see all of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren before she died.

Rule’s first book, “The Stranger Beside Me,” profiled Bundy, whom Ann Rule got to know while sharing the late shift at a Seattle suicide hotline.

“A lot of writers in her genre focused on the predators. That’s what made her special. She had a great empathy for the victims.”

— Rule’s daughter Leslie

“Rest in peace to our beloved true crime author and former Seattle police officer, Ann Rule,” Rule’s publisher, Simon & Schuster, Tweeted.


Rule, who went to work briefly at the Seattle Police Department when she was 21, began writing for magazines like “True Detective” in 1969. A biography on her author website says she has published more than 1,400 articles, mostly on criminal cases.

[Read the full story here, at King5.com]

Rule has written more than 30 best-selling true crime novels, chronicling some of the most heinous murders. Read the rest of this entry »

‘More Terrific Thrills on the Unknown Planet

Zontar of Venus

via Zontar of Venus: More “The Hotspur” – 

[VIDEO] ‘A Wild Hare’, 1940: Happy Birthday, Wabbit! Bugs Bunny Turns 75 Years Old

The world’s favorite cartoon rabbit is 75 years old today. Bugs Bunny made his first appearance in 1940 in the theatrical short “A Wild Hare.” CBSN’s Elaine Quijano shows us how his catch line, “What’s up doc?” has stuck ever since.


At WSJ, Mike Ayers writes:

 Bugs is being hunted down by Elmer Fudd, a dance the two would engage in for many years to come. In the first appearance, Bugs’s voice is a bit deeper, but his penchant for trickery at Elmer’s expense is immediate.

Watch the cartoon above.

Fun fact about “A Wild Hare”: In 1940, it received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Short, but lost to “The Milky Way.”

On “Looney Tunes” animator Chuck Jones’s Facebook page, a note about “Wild Hare” director Tex Avery was posted, with six tips Jones learned from Avery about art and animation:

Happy 75th Anniversary, Bugs Bunny! Bugs first appearance was on July 27, 1940 in a short cartoon directed by Tex Avery, “A Wild Hare”. In August of 1980 when Tex passed away, Chuck wrote an appreciation that appeared in the Los Angeles Times. It said in part:

“What Tex taught me was this:

“1. You must love what you caricature. You must not mock it–unless it is ridiculously self-important.

“2. You must learn to respect that golden atom, that single-frame of action, that 1/24th of a second, because the difference between lightning and the lightning bug may hinge on that single frame.

“3. You must respect the impulsive thought and try to implement it. You cannot perform as a director by what you already know, you must depend on the flash of inspiration that you do not expect and do not know. Read the rest of this entry »

New Yorker Cover for Aug 3, 2015


“It sure would be nice to get over a Manhattan traffic jam with one big leap on a skateboard,” Mark Ulriksen says about his cover for this week’s issue.


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