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UPDATE: German Magazine BILD Features Ceylan Özalp Story — ‘Peshmerga Fighter: Suicide Out of Fear of ISIS Rape’


Peschmerga-Kämpferin: Selbstmord aus Angst vor ISIS-Vergewaltigung – Politik Ausland – Bild.de


This appeared online about an hour ago, the first I’m aware of the Ceylan Özalp story being picked up by traditional print media. Until now, we’ve only seen it in social media, and blogs. Note that BILD concludes, rather than begins, with the familiar disclaimer:

“The source for the fate of Ceylan Ozalp was not conclusively verify their validity is, however, the descriptions appears authentic.”

Though it’s a less-than-ideal Google translation from German to English, we can see that it remains an “as is” story. However, it includes graphics, maps, a video, and a little more background. Does BILDs confidence in its authenticity give it more credibility? Perhaps so. We’ll let the readers decide.

Turkish and French sites occasionally have references, and the BBC has coverage of Kurdish women fighters, but information about Ceylan Özalp is elusive, adding to her increasingly mythic status.

Since this particular European tabloid is the first mainstream news organization to put any effort into telling the story of Ceylan Özalp, I offer it here with minimal interference (other than this introduction) with the German-to-English translation errors untouched. To see it at BILD in the original formatting, go here.

[Do you have a source, or more information about the fate of Ceylan Özalp? If so, drop us a line]

The Kurdish soldier Ceylan Ozalp said to have shot herself after they had no more ammunition to fight against ISIS

When the terrorists had surrounded it to Ceylan Ozalp adopted by radio, took her gun and shot himself. Afraid of being raped by the jihadists like so many women before.

“To the Bitter End”: Peshmerga women fighting against ISIS

For days warriors deliver the terror militia Islamic State in Iraq and in Syria (ISIS, also IS) violent struggle for Kurdish enclave Ain Al-Arab (Kurdish: Kobane) and the surrounding villages. Already 300 villages are in the hands of terrorists, Ain Al-Arab have them surrounded from three sides. Only two kilometers – then they are in town!


The embattled border town of Ain​​-al-Arab

The Kurdish leader Saleh Muslim told the news agency Reuters: When the ISIS-fighters should arrive in the city, “they will destroy everything and the people slaughtered.” Within a few days the decision would be like.


[click image to go to video at BILD]

The brave Peshmerga fighters

Still trying fighters of the Kurdish people’s defense units, the jihadists to stop. With poor facilities face young, old and women terrorists in the way. Read the rest of this entry »

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BREAKING: Secret Service Director to Resign


The resignation came less than a day after lawmakers from both parties assailed Ms. Pierson’s leadership and said they feared for the lives of the president and others in the protection of the storied protective agency.

“Under intense questioning on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, Ms. Pierson admitted that those charged with securing the White House failed to follow numerous security protocols, allowing a man armedwith a knife to penetrate deep inside the mansion.”

A 30-year veteran of the Secret Service, Ms. Pierson was supposed to have been the one to repair the agency’s reputation after scandals that raised questions about a culture that gave rise to incidents involving drinking and prostitution during overseas trips. Read the rest of this entry »

EXCLUSIVE: Hong Kong Democracy Demonstrations — Night 4

The leading English language paper in Hong Kong is reporting that “leaders” of the student demonstrators have set a deadline of tomorrow for Hong Kong’s Chief Executive (basically, the governor), C.Y. Leung, to resign.  If he doesn’t, they say they’ll start to “occupy” government buildings:


I assume that if this happens, things may well turn ugly again, as they did on the first night when riot police fired tear gas into the crowd and sprayed the students with pepper spray.

But tonight, in the middle of the two-day National Day holiday (ironically, celebrating the 65th anniverary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China), the crowds at the Central/Admiralty district site swelled and an almost carnival-like atmosphere prevailed:


Hongkongers have donated thousands of umbrellas to the demonstrators. The movement has come to be known as the “Umbrella Revolution,” because the students used umbrellas to protect themselves from pepper spray on the first night.


Pictures of C.Y. Leung taped to the street.


Many of the students have been on site for days.


This young lady was drawing caricatures of her companions.



Although the majority of Hongkongers are Cantonese-speaking Chinese, Hong Kong is a multi-ethnic city and many groups had signs expressing solidarity.


Signs along the blocked freeway’s guardrails in many languages expressed support for the demonstrators.


The iconic Bank of China Tower provides a backdrop to one high spot favored by photographers capturing the throng.


The sea of people jammed into the road in front of the central government offices.


Distribution of supplies continues to improve. Stations like this are common throughout the area.


The pedestrian overpass leading to the central government building is festooned with pro-democracy banners and slogans urging Hongkongers to maintain their resolve.


Volunteers press water bottles and food on people passing along the main walkway through the heart of the demonstration.


Volunteers man a spot set aside for crossing over the concrete barriers on either side of the blocked road.


A sea of lights as the crowd waves their cell phones.


You can just make out the cell phone lights through the crowd.


Many posters used the umbrella motif.


C.Y. Leung is a popular subject of protest art work.


The first aid area I spotted a couple of days ago has grown into a well-manned clinic.

[PHOTOS] Pro-Democracy Protesters Occupy Hong Kong’s Central District



From  In Focus – The Atlantic, a great set of 30 photos

Since the 1997 handover of Hong Kong to China, the semi-autonomous city has operated under a “one country, two systems” formula, allowing a limited democracy. In August, the Chinese government announced plans to vet candidates in Hong Kong’s 2017 elections, virtually assuring only pro-Beijing politicians would be on the ballots. Student groups and pro-democracy supporters have taken to the streets in recent days to protest the limitations and to demand universal suffrage. Tens of thousands of demonstrators have occupied Hong Kong’s Central District, bringing parts of the city to a standstill. The protests are one of the largest political challenges to Beijing since the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown. Chinese officials have scolded protesters and warned against any foreign interference. [30 photos]

s_h04_49291633 s_h08_76837294 s_h10_RTR47P3X s_h13_57820023
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The Mystery of Ceylan Ozalp


“We’re not scared of anything. We’ll fight to the last. We’d rather blow ourselves up than be captured by ISIS.”

– Ceylan Ozalp

Updating from our original post: In Memory: Ceylan Ozalp, Kurdish YPG Fighter. There’s a lot of interest in this story, so I’m reposting it, and adding new information as it becomes available. Unfortunately, so far, the sources for these reports are social media posts, often from political rivals, propagandists, and sympathizers, parties that aren’t disinterested observers.  It’s unclear if this is accurate, but here’s what we have so far.

The first is from Free Kurdistan, Tumblr site, and it offers no link or outside verification.

Ceylan Ozalp (19), known from the BBC report about Kurdish YPG Women fighters led today with several comrades in the northern Syrian Kurdish city Kobani resistance against the ISIS terrorists.

In Kurdish areas of northern Syria, fighters have been battling Islamic State – or ISIS – for two years – and unlike Iraq’s kurdish forces, they get no help from the west. Gabriel Gatehouse has been northern Syria to meet some of those taking on the jihadists.

Surrounded on all sides and set under attack, she lost all her friends. She fought alone against the supernumerary terrorists. When she had no more ammunition and recognized the hopeless situation, she said goodbye over her radio and killed herself with the last bullet so that she don’t to fall into the hands of the rapists.

“We’re not scared of anything,” she said. “We’ll fight to the last. We’d rather blow ourselves up than be captured by ISIS.”

Rest in Peace Heroine

via Free Kurdistan

[Also see our item from Sept 12, 2014 - Women Fightin’ Islamic Gangstas]

Reports of Ceylan’s alleged battlefield suicide have been circulating in social media, picking up momentum over the last few days, including traffic that comes here, from others seeking confirmation.

This morning I sent a message to Gabriel Gatehouse, the BBC reporter who may be the only western journalist to have met Ceylan Ozalp, in hopes he can help clarify. I’ll add more here as information develops. Here’s Gatehouse‘s BBC video report.

In Kurdish areas of northern Syria, fighters have been battling Islamic State – or ISIS – for two years – and unlike Iraq’s kurdish forces, they get no help from the west. Gabriel Gatehouse has been northern Syria to meet some of those taking on the jihadists.

This morning I noticed the beginning of #CeylanOzalp

The largest 2nd largest source of traffic to our Sept 28 post comes via a LIVE LEAK’s post. It includes an unsupported claim that claim that Kurdish defensive positions were bombed by the U.S., resulting in up to 15 Kurdish casualties in Yarubiya (misspelled, of course) and smears Ceylan Ozalp’s legitimacy in what appears to be little more than a thinly-veiled celebration of Ceylan Ozalp’s alleged suicide. Or not. It’s hard to tell.

While we await additional confirmation of Ceylan Ozalp’s reported battlefield suicide, here’s an update for Thursday, Oct. 3rd 2014.

UPDATE: German Magazine BILD Features Ceylan Özalp Story — ‘Peshmerga Fighter: Suicide Out of Fear of ISIS Rape’

And these are the older updates.

The comments section offers little that could substantiate the original story, aside from sentimental glorification of Ceylan Ozalp. Other searches turn up links and sources that aren’t in English. The most recent being the one mentioned above, from a German magazine.

UPDATE: imgur.com linked the photo of Ceylan Ozalp

UPDATE: This morning another addition to Twitter’s emerging #CeylanOzalp thread


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BREAKING: Body of Missing Arkansas Real Estate Agent Beverly Carter Found


Body of missing real estate agent found in shallow grave

(CNN) — The body of missing Arkansas realtor Beverly Carter has been located north of the Little Rock area, the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office said early Tuesday.

Her body was found in a shallow grave near Cabot, about 20 miles northeast of central Little Rock.


Arron Lewis, of Jacksonville, will be charged with capital murder, the sheriff’s office said.

Police took Aaron Lewis’s photo after a Sunday traffic accident.140929115636-aaron-lewis-story-body

The 33-year-old was arrested by authorities Monday.

“Lewis admitted … to kidnapping Beverly Carter, but would not divulge her whereabouts,” the sheriff’s office said. After he was booked into the Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility, investigators said they obtained information that led them to the property where the grave was located. Read the rest of this entry »

EXCLUSIVE: Hong Kong Democracy Demonstrations – Day 2 Signs

At noon today I walked through the site of the demonstrations and street blockades in front of the central government offices.  There were slightly fewer people there than at the same time yesterday, but they seemed better organized and definitely better provisioned.  Below are some of the signs I encountered.


One of the few signs in English — posted near one of the main entry ways into the demonstrator’s area.


“Longshore Union” “Strike to support the students”


“Persevere to the End”


The Chinese text clashes with the politeness of the English sign. The Chinese reads “Hong Kong police eat dog shit”


“I love Hong Kong” and “C.Y. Leung (Hong Kong’s Chief Executive) Step Down”


“Resist to the End”


My favorite: “Protect endangered species — Hongkongers”


EXCLUSIVE: Hong Kong Democracy Demonstrations Day 1.5

I call it “Day 1.5″ because what’s really happened here is that student protests grew beyond anyone’s anticipation last night.  The student pro-democracy movement has had a completely different dynamic and wasn’t formally allied with the “official” Occupy Central movement or any of the political actors who are known under the general rubric of “Pan-Democrats.”  The students crowded too close to a couple of major government facilities last night and the police fired tear gas into them.  This brought out lots of Hongkongers in support who hadn’t been participating before, and forced the hand of the “adults” in Occupy and the Pan-Democrats to move up their plans for demonstrations on October 1 and 2 — the Chinese National Day holidays.

At noon I took a different route around the western edge of the barricaded area, and ended up getting a much better view from above of the main body of the demonstrators directly in front of the central government office.  On the way there, I paid a visit to the People Liberation Army’s main barracks on Hong Kong island — which just happens to be a block away from where the demonstrators are blocking access to the central government building.

Also, a note about “Occupy Central” — one of the organizing groups.  The choice of the “Occupy” name is unfortunate, because the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong has very little in common with the unfocused and disorganized “Occupy Wall Street” thing and its mutant progeny in various Western cities.  The Hong Kong “Occupy” group is not a vague anti-corporate, leftist gesture, as Occupy Wall Street was.  The issues here are real and focused — rule of law and actual democracy (not some vague invocation of “the 99%”).


One of the blockades on the western edge of the protest zone. In the outlying areas, the demonstrators seem to have posted just a few people to block traffic.


Main entrance to the PLA barracks, just a block from the center of the demonstration in Central/Admiralty (there are others in Wan Chai and Kowloon districts). Nothing menacing seemed to be going on and there was less security in this particular spot than I saw back in August when things were cranking up.


Tamar Park — just north of the now-blocked central government building. The sign and facilities are set up for a celebration of the 65th anniversary of the Peoples Republic of China on October 1st. One wonders what will come of that now.


Shots of main center of demonstrators immediately in front of central government building.


Shots of main center of demonstrators immediately in front of central government building.


Shots of main center of demonstrators immediately in front of central government building.


Shots of main center of demonstrators immediately in front of central government building.


Support for things like water and basic shelter (umbrellas) seemed ad hoc, but also seemed to be building up.


Support for things like water and basic shelter (umbrellas) seemed ad hoc, but also seemed to be building up.


Support for things like water and basic shelter (umbrellas) seemed ad hoc, but also seemed to be building up.


Support for things like water and basic shelter (umbrellas) seemed ad hoc, but also seemed to be building up.

EXCLUSIVE: Hong Kong Democracy Demonstrations — The Morning After

I could not get down to the scene of the action last night, but this morning I walked down to where things had been rocking nearest to my home — the area right between the Central and Admiralty districts.  Here are some pics taken within the last couple of hours:


Lee Ka-Shing, the richest man in Hong Kong, takes no chances and has barricades in front of his building.


Barricades across Queensway Road — normally packed with traffic on a Monday morning.


More barricades on Queensway, in front of the landmark Lippo Centre building.


Barricades on Queensway — clearly put together by demonstrators from the kinds of things one usually finds along sidewalks in Hong Kong.


Queensway — devoid of traffic on a Monday during normal rush hour.


Demonstrators in front of the Lippo Centre blocking Queensway.


Demonstrators on Harcourt Road in front of the Central Government offices appear to be getting some rest in the shade after a long night.


Riot police with grenade launchers for tear gas canisters held a well-manned key location in front of the central government offices on Harcourt Road. Despite the display of firepower, there seemed to be no animosity between the police and the demonstrators — no shouting, no ugly language. Maybe everyone was just exhausted from the previous night.


Demonstrators appeared to be dug in for a long haul.


Demonstrators and police chat across the barricades. I saw more than one scene like this, with lots of smiles on both sides.


The demonstration was kicked off last night by high school and college students. These two seemed a little older — and were taking advantage of a comfortable spot in a barricade across an access road to the central government offices. The woman on the right told me “This is a contest of wills — who will last longer?”


Some of the youngest demonstrators I saw — enjoying a card game while sitting in the middle of what would normally be a very busy entrance to Queensway on a Monday morning during rush hour.

Streaming Video of the Occupy Central Protests in Hong Kong

On Sept. 28, organizers of Occupy Central, a civil disobedience movement pushing for universal suffrage in Hong Kong, joined student protesters in calling for democracy in the city. Occupy Central decided to launch its protests early after student protesters attempted to break into the Hong Kong government headquarters, sparking clashes with police.

The Wall Street Journal is now streaming video from the site of the protests here with periodic live updates when local Internet bandwidth permits… (more)

China Real Time Report – WSJ

Ferguson Officer Shot; 2 Suspects Wanted


A Ferguson police officer was shot in the arm Saturday night after encountering two men at a community center who ran from him and then opened fire during a foot chase, authorities said.

“The officer was shot in the arm and is expected to survive, he said. Belmar did not identify the officer or give further details about his condition. He said the officer returned fire but said police have “no indication” that either suspect was shot.”

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said at a media briefing early Sunday that the officer approached the men around 9:10 p.m. because the community center was closed. As the officer approached, the men ran away. When the officer gave chase, “one of the men turned and shot,” Belmar said.

The officer was shot in the arm and is expected to survive, he said. Belmar did not identify the officer or give further details about his condition. He said the officer returned fire but said police have “no indication” that either suspect was shot.

A search was underway for the suspects early Sunday in Ferguson, the St. Louis suburb that’s been the scene of racial unrest in the wake of the August shooting death of an unarmed black 18-year-old by a white police officer. Read the rest of this entry »

BREAKING: Ferguson Police Officer SHOT; Details Still Emerging…UPDATE [VIDEO]

Fateful Territory

(Photo: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Robert Cohen, via AP)

(Photo: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Robert Cohen, via AP)

A Ferguson police officer was shot Saturday night, according to St. Louis County Police Department spokesman Brian Schellman. The officer, a woman, is still alive, Schellman said…


St.Louis Dispatch



Ferguson, Missouri, police officer shot, official says

A Ferguson, Missouri, police officer was shot Saturday evening, according to St. Louis County Police spokesman Brian Schellman.

The officer was shot in the arm. His injuries are non-life-threatening and he is in the hospital, said Ferguson police spokesman Tim Zoll.

Police said that the officer was shot near the Ferguson community center, an area which has not been the focus of protests over the Michael Brown shooting.

The suspect remains at large, he said.

Police from multiple forces in the area responded to the scene on West Florissant Road, set up a staging area, KMOV reported…(more) 

“…Such rhetoric only ensures that more young black men resist legitimate arrests and escalate police encounters into more fateful territory.”

– Heather Mac Donald

See Heather Mac Donald’s essay – click through to City Journal for the full article.

UPDATE: ABC News- Associated Press 

(still not much information available..developing)

Authorities said a police officer was shot Saturday night in Ferguson, Missouri, the scene of racial unrest in the wake of the August shooting death of an unarmed black 18-year-old by a white police officer.

Tim Zoll of the Ferguson Police Department told KSDK-TV that the officer was shot in the arm. Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Volcano Erupts In Central Japan, Hiker Dead, Dozens Reported Stranded | 御嶽山 大噴火 山頂火口付近 衝撃の山小屋

Dozens of hikers were stranded Saturday on the slopes of an erupting Japanese volcano that has reportedly killed one person and left 30 more seriously injured.

A manager of Japan Meteorological Agency speaks at a press conference to explain the eruption of Mount Ontake, in Tokyo on September 27, 2014 (AFP Photo/Jiji Press)

A manager of Japan Meteorological Agency speaks at a press conference to explain the eruption of Mount Ontake, in Tokyo on September 27, 2014 (AFP Photo/Jiji Press)

Ash, rocks and steam continued to spew from Mount Ontake more than nine hours after it sprang violently to life as around 250 people were trying to scale its peak.

“The speed of the smoke was too fast. You can’t escape.”I’m worried that many more people are still on the mountain.”

– A climber, reported by NHK

Four people were buried by the ash, with one having been dug out, Kyodo News reported.

“I first thought it was thunder as I heard a bang and another bang, two or three times,” a trekker told public broadcaster NHK. “Then volcanic dust fell noisily.”

A picture taken by Nagano Prefectural Police on September 27, 2014 shows ash and smoke billowing from Mount Ontake (AFP Photo/)

A picture taken by Nagano Prefectural Police shows ash and smoke billowing from Mount Ontake (AFP Photo)

“Amateur cameraman Keiji Aoki told Jiji Press: “It was tremendous. I prepared for death when I got caught in the dust under a pine tree.”

– Amateur cameraman Keiji Aoki, to Jiji Press

A suffocating blanket of ash up to 20 centimetres (8 inches) deep covered a large area of the 3,067 metre (10,121-foot) volcano, trapping climbers and forcing up to 150 into mountaintop shelters at one point.

Around 230 people have now reached the bottom but a further 40 are trapped at the summit where they will spend the night in shelters, local media reported.

Aerial footage of Mt. Ontake showed several cabins smothered with the thick dust, some with windows that appear to have been shattered by the force of the eruption. Read the rest of this entry »

Hark, I Hear the Cannons Roar: RAF Planes Poised as MPs Approve Military Action in Iraq


MPs back air strikes against Islamic State by 524 to 43, with a majority of 481 votes

It comes after more than six hours of debate in an emergency recall of Parliament today to plan for a third war in Iraq.

Earlier today David Cameron called for military action to stop a “terrorist caliphate” being set up near the Mediterranean.

“The brutality is staggering — beheadings, crucifixions, the gouging out of eyes, the use of rape as a weapon, the slaughter of children. All these things belong to the Dark Ages.”

– Prime Minister David Cameron

Six RAF Tornados were poised to bomb Islamic State assets tonight, just hours after all three main parties were expected to endorse a tightly worded motion restricting action to air strikes in Iraq.

In a historic Commons debate, Labour leader Ed Miliband — who has disowned the 2003 invasion of Iraq — said he understood the “qualms” and “deep unease” among MPs and the public about another war.

He urged: “I believe, although this is difficult, this is the right thing to do.”


However, Diane Abbott was among backbench MPs who said they would not vote for another Middle East war. Fears of “mission creep” among critics were fuelled when Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond left open the possibility military action might later have to be carried out in Syria as well as Iraq.

“In the space of a few months, Isil has taken control of territory greater than the size of Britain and is making millions selling oil to Syria’s Assad regime.”

The debate was led by the Prime Minister, who laid out the case for war by stressing that IS — also Isis or Isil — is a growing threat to the British people.

“The first Isil-inspired terrorist acts in Europe have already taken place, with the attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels,” he said. “Security services have disrupted six other known plots in Europe as well as foiling a terrorist attack in Australia aimed at civilians, including UK and US tourists.”

“This is not a threat on the far side of the world…This is not the stuff of fantasy. It is happening in front of us and we need to face up to it.”

– Prime Minister David Cameron

Mr Cameron described the “staggering brutality” of IS fanatics. “Isil is a terrorist organisation unlike those we have dealt with before,” he said. “The brutality is staggering — beheadings, crucifixions, the gouging out of eyes, the use of rape as a weapon, the slaughter of children. All these things belong to the Dark Ages.”

But he warned that the organisation was growing in power, territory and wealth, saying: “It is backed by billions of dollars and has captured an arsenal of the most modern weapons. Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] BREAKING: Oklahoma Woman BEHEADED in Shooting, Stabbing

A sheriff’s deputy shot the suspect, identified by officials as 30-year-old Alton Alexander Nolan. The deceased victim has been identified as 54-year-old Colleen Hufford.alton-a-nolen-e1411699111627

(CNN) — A man has beheaded a woman after a workplace dispute in Oklahoma, U.S. law enforcement officials told CNN on Friday. He also tried to kill another woman, officials said.

The incident happened late Thursday afternoon at a Vaughan Foods processing plant in Moore, about 10 miles south of Oklahoma City.

There were no immediate indications of a link to terrorism, officials said.

A sheriff’s deputy shot the suspect, identified by officials as 30-year-old Alton Alexander Nolan.

He was taken a hospital and is expected to survive.

UPDATE: FBI looking into Moore beheading after suspect tried to convert others to Islam

UPDATE: No evidence of link to terror groups

New details from NBC:

The circumstances of Nolen’s firing weren’t made public. Some co-workers told police that he had recently converted to Islam and had been trying to convert them. Law enforcement officials told NBC News that his conversion took place during his recent stint in prison, which ended in March 2013, records show. A search of his home and car didn’t immediately yield any connection to radical fundamentalism and there’s no indication he had been in contact with terrorists groups such as ISIS, sources said.

Local authorities are working with the FBI to do an extensive background investigation on Nolen, Lewis said. Law enforcement officials say they are looking into his online activities and whether a Facebook page that contains materials with terrorist and fundamentalist themes was maintained by Nolen under an alias. Nolen does have an extensive rap sheet, including assault and battery on a police officer and escape from detention, according to NBC affiliate KFOR.


The Moore Police Department released the 911 tapes associated with the attack.

MOORE, Okla. – KFOR-TV reports: Officials with the Moore Police Department say the FBI is now involved in the investigation related to a brutal attack of workers at a food distribution plant.

Sgt. Jeremy Lewis says the alleged suspect, 30-year-old Alton Nolen had just been fired when he drove to the front of the business, hit a vehicle and walked inside.

He walked into the front office area where he met 54-year-old Colleen Hufford and began attacking her with a knife.


“Mark Vaughan, an Oklahoma County reserve deputy and a former CEO of the business, shot him as he was actively stabbing Johnson.”

Sgt. Lewis confirms the type of knife used in the attack is the same kind used at the plant.

Lewis confirms that Hufford was stabbed several times and that Nolen “severed her head.”

At that point, Lewis claims Nolen met 43-year-old Traci Johnson and began attacking her with the same knife.

Officials say at that point, Mark Vaughan, an Oklahoma County reserve deputy and a former CEO of the business, shot him as he was actively stabbing Johnson.


“He’s a hero in this situation,” Sgt. Lewis said, referring to Vaughan. “It could have gotten a lot worse.”

Authorities say it appears Nolen was attacking employees at random.

Johnson is in stable condition at a local hospital, recovering from her injuries.

The FBI is now looking into Nolen’s background after his former co-workers said he tried to convert them to Islam after recently converting himself. [See the text of the 911 tapes] Read the rest of this entry »

Leaked Audio Recording of Confidential Meeting Reveals: 70% of Illegals Released by ICE Don’t Appear for Follow-up Appointments


The AP reported in June that the administration would not say publicly how many immigrant families from Central America caught crossing into the U.S. it had released in recent months or how many of those subsequently reported back to the government after 15 days as directed. 


“We only know this information because of a leaked audio recording (kudos to the whistleblower, whoever it is) from a meeting with anti-enforcement activists undoubtedly whining about how cruel ICE is.”

– Mark Krikorian

The AP noted that senior U.S. officials directly familiar with the issue, including at the Homeland Security Department and White House, had dodged the answer on at least seven occasions over two weeks, alternately saying that they did not know the figure or didn’t have it immediately at hand. The Homeland Security Department’s public affairs office during the same period did not answer roughly a dozen requests for the figures.

WASHINGTON (AP) —Alicia Caldwell reports: Tens of thousands of young families caught crossing the border illegally earlier this year subsequently failed to meet with federal immigration agents, as they were instructed, the Homeland Security Department has acknowledged privately.


An official with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement revealed that about 70 percent of immigrant families the Obama administration had released into the U.S. never showed up weeks later for follow up appointments.

More from National Review OnlineMark Krikorian comments:

This should come as no surprise to anyone with a pulse. Yet it appears that Obama-administration officials think the released illegals are like the cowboys in Blazing Saddles, lining up to put a dime in the lone toll booth in the middle of the desert instead of just going around it. (If the Central American illegal aliens were so punctilious about obeying rules, they wouldn’t have snuck into someone else’s country in the first place.)

It’s true that ICE needs more family detention capacity, which is the reason for the planned new detention center south of San Antonio. But DHS has plans for a migration emergency such as we saw this summer, and it never activated it. They won’t say what’s in the plan, but from how Haitian and Cuban outflows were handled at Gitmo, I’d assume tent cities to enable detention of 100 percent of illegals are part of it. Once the politically appointed suits decided not to activate the emergency plan, it was inevitable that most of the illegals would simply be let go, never to be seen again.

No wonder morale among DHS employees is “abysmal.”

The ICE official made the disclosure in a confidential meeting at its Washington headquarters with immigration advocates participating in a federal working group on detention and enforcement policies. The Associated Press obtained an audio recording of Wednesday’s meeting and separately interviewed participants. Read the rest of this entry »

BREAKING: FBI Closing in on ‘Jihadi John’, ISIS Murderer Who Beheaded James Foley


Earlier this week it was revealed that US spy planes are flying above Britain monitoring telephone and computer signals in a bid to track down Jihadi John

Jill Reilly reports: FBI Director James Comey has said the bureau has identified the Islamic State militant known as Jihadi John.

But Mr Comey told reporters at the agency’s headquarters he would not reveal the man’s name or his nationality.Jihadi-John

Comey did not address whether the U.S. believes the man actually carried out the killings himself.

“Electronic footprints might help us pinpoint the location of the British IS executioner because we believe there are associates of his in the UK who are directly communicating with him.”

– FBI source

The beheadings are not shown in the videos.

In the three videos, the man speaks British-accented English.

He holds a long knife and appears to begin cutting the three men, American journalists James Foley, 40, and Steven Sotloff, 31, as well as British aid worker, David Haines, 44.

The executioner, who has a British accent, is one of four British jihadis known as the ‘Beatles’ holding hostages in Syria.

Today British officials would not say if the identity had been shared with the authorities on London, and would not be drawn on whether any arrests are imminent.


A Home Office spokeswoman said: ‘We won’t be commenting on matters of security at this stage.’

“A source revealed Jihadi John, comes from a South London suburb about 10 miles from Central London.”

Yesterday British Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond revealed intelligence agencies were closing the net on the masked man. Read the rest of this entry »

BREAKING: Anticipating Midterm Losses, Eric Holder Rushes to Step Down as Attorney General to Help Confirmation Effort


Holder most wants to be remembered for his record on civil rights. In reality, he will be remembered as a divisive, combative, arrogant, partisan hatchet man for the administration, in a period marked by selective enforcement, stonewalling, evasion, and contempt. 

Two sources familiar with the decision tell NPR that Holder, 63, intends to leave the Justice Department as soon as his successor is confirmed, a process that could run through 2014 and even into next year. A former U.S. government official says Holder has been increasingly “adamant” about his desire to leave soon for fear that he otherwise could be locked in to stay for much of the rest of President Obama’s second term.


“…some of that early glow faded in part due to the politicized nature of the job and in part because of Holder’s own rhetoric, such as a 2009 Black History Month speech where he said the country was ‘a nation of cowards’…”

Holder already is one of the longest-serving members of the Obama Cabinet and ranks as the fourth-longest tenured AG in history. Hundreds of employees waited in lines, stacked three rows deep, in early February 2009 to witness his return to the Justice Department, where he previously worked as a young corruption prosecutor and as deputy attorney general — the second in command — during the Clinton administration.


“Even though the attorney general has his eyes on the door, the two sources say several more policy and enforcement initiatives are underway and could be announced soon.”

Five years later, violence erupted between police and protesters in Ferguson, Mo., after a white policeman killed an unarmed black 18-year-old. And this time, the White House dispatched Holder to speak his piece, in effect jump-starting that conversation and helping to settle nerves in the frayed community.

“For instance, Holder sent a memo to U.S. attorneys Wednesday urging them not to use sentencing enhancements known as “851” tools to gain leverage in plea negotiations with defendants — in essence, threatening defendants into avoiding trial with huge amounts of prison time.”

Another huge controversy — over his decision to try the Sept. 11 plotters in a New York courthouse in the shadow of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center — prompted venomous reaction from lawmakers, New York City officials and some victims’ families. Read the rest of this entry »

BREAKING: Suspect Arrested in Case of Missing UVA Student Hannah Graham


The man charged with abducting missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham has been arrested, police said.

Jesse Matthew, 32, was charged Tuesday with abduction with intent to defile in the disappearance of second-year student Hannah Graham, who vanished after leaving an off-campus party on Sept. 13. Police believe Matthew was the last person seen with Graham early that morning.

Police had previously searched Matthew’s apartment and car, but at that time said they had no probable cause to detain him for questioning. Matthew had not been seen since he sped away from the Charlottesville police station Saturday after a brief interview, when he was only considered a person of interest in Graham’s disappearance. It isn’t clear what led police to charge the patient technician. Read the rest of this entry »

SEATTLE: Pioneer Square Shooting Leaves Man Seriously Injured, Pedestrians on Edge


One bullet actually struck a window at Smith Tower. Luckily nobody inside was hurt.

SEATTLE — There were some scary moments in downtown Seattle when police say a gunman opened fire at 2nd Avenue and Yesler Way.smith-tower-postcard

“They chased the man who they believe had shot our victim but they were unable to catch him or keep up with him. They lost him a few blocks away.”

– Detective Patrick Michaud

One man was shot and was rushed to Harborview with life-threatening injuries.

The shooting happened just prior to a meeting with city leaders who are working to tackle crime that has plagued Pioneer Square.

Police responded just after 10:30 a.m. Wednesday morning; the shooting happened when the sidewalk was filled with people heading to work. Read the rest of this entry »


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