MANCHESTER, N.H. — A malfunctioning Marco Rubio crashed as he was overloaded by attacks last night from New Jersey Gov….(read more)


Source: Boston Herald

Clinton Campaign’s Controversial Directive


“All those residing in Iowa take heed: Your home shall bear the mark of my campaign this eve, or may God help you. Be within your dwellings with the doors closed and locked before nightfall, and do not cross the threshold before the sun rises again in the sky. The emblem of the red-and-blue H will protect my true voters.”

…said the Democratic candidate after dispatching a phalanx of campaign staffers to all four corners of the state to spread the message of her directive….(read more)


Daily News Cover: ‘I’m With Stupid’


[VIDEO] Sarah Palin’s Endorsement of Donald Trump Was The Most American Speech Ever!

[VIDEO] The Wizard of Oz Alphabetical Cut 

“This film contains extremely fast editing, flashes of light, abrupt changes in image and sound.” 

The Wizard of Oz in alphabetical order? Preposterous? Maybe. Genius? Also likely. You decide when you watch this video of the entire film recut so that all the words spoken play in alphabetical order….

Vimeo user Matt Bucy


[VIDEO] Dancing Skeleton Puppet

‘But Found This Octopus Instead!’


[VIDEO] The 2015 Men of the Year 

Countdown to Midnight


[VIDEO] SUPERCUTS! Star Wars The Liberal Menace: Worst of Democrats in 2015 

LEGO Enthusiast Builds Minifig Characters Based on All 3 Original Star Wars Films, Attack of the Clones, and The Force Awakens

Source: Archie McPhee’s

The Queen’s Christmas Message

via , who else? 

[VIDEO] Favorite Sentimental Holiday Movie: Christopher Nolan’s ‘Inception’

“This is one job he wishes was all a dream.”


Greeting Christmas Carolers: Charles Addams


Ramirez Cartoon: ‘And The Star Shone Brightly…’


Tacitus: ‘The More Corrupt the State, the More Numerous the Laws’


It’s Almost Christmas!


#BernieSanders2016 Wins Key Endorsement



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