Israel’s Red Line ‘Vague’ No Longer

Krauthammer’s Take:

By Eliana JohnsonSeptember 27, 2012 9:24 P.M.

“The importance here is that people have been saying that the Israelis are demanding a red line but they aren’t explaining what it is. Well, this is a very clear explanation. It’s got two parts.  Number one is, if you’re going to stop Iran, there is only one way to do it. There are three stages in nuclearization: the making of the fuse, weaponization, that’s the marrying it to a missile, and uranium enrichment.  The first two stages you cannot hit, you cannot eliminate, you can do it in a laboratory anywhere in the country, cannot stop it. What you can stop because it takes large scale industrial production is uranium enrichment, the way we had at Oak Ridge in the Second World War preparing the uranium for the bomb in Los Alamos. That is number one. And the second part is this. Israelis say we have two red lines. The horizontal line is if you enrich beyond 20 percent, you’re on your way to the bomb, we can’t allow that. The second is even if you stop at 20 percent, if you do it horizontally, if you get a lot of that stuff, the Iranians are about halfway of getting enough of the 20 percent enriched uranium to make a bomb. If you go all the way to 200 or so kilos that you need, it’s already at the red line. So, it’s saying enrichment at 20 percent and contain the amount enriched at that amount. And, if you’re going to hit anything or threaten anything it’s the enrichment itself, not the others aspect of the bomb. That is a clear red line. I don’t think there is anybody who can say it’s vague.”

via The Corner

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