Daddy Issues: a Navel-Gazing Autobiographical Essay about Generational Warfare…

…in which the writer explores his relationship with his father, and his relationship with the economic destiny of his generation. The son cites a lot of data, quotes a lot of statistics…

My son is a writer

My Son is a writer

…muses aloud about debt-to-GDP ratio, entitlements, and employment charts…recalls fondly his first ‘bittersweet victory’ winning an argument with his dad, in the fourth grade…confesses to readers about his failure to stop global warming because he neglected to compost his trash…indulges in fanciful descriptions of “snow-capped mountains”, “sun-drizzled lakes”, and the smell of “coppertone and wet dog”, in their “Northwest version of paradise”, is “mildly impressed” when his dad bothers to “mount a defense” when he calls him a “parasite” ….and asks readers to endure what it must feel like to be his father, and listen to this all day…

My Daddy Issues: The Knife is Slowly Twisting in My Side

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