Did Andrew Sullivan Have a Jerry McGuire Goldfish Moment? Matt Drudge: Linger and Burn…

Matt Drudge: Linger and Burn

What item Drudge chooses to lead with is sometimes less important than when that item replaced. Or how long it lingers in that prize spot. Premium real estate, to be sure. Often there’s a fair amount of turnover. headlines are tweaked, items are updated. Today is an exception. The Sullivan SOS was posted Oct. 8th, last night. As of this writing, around 4:00 EST Oct.9th, the following day, Andrew Sullivan’s confessional meltdown is still Drudge’s lead story.

In the cold light of day, Andrew might reconsider that twilight moment he hit the “Enter” key, on his emotionally-charged Obama-disillusionment outburst (a post-mission statement, morning-after Jerry McGuire moment) but Drudge is content to let it hold the front page.

Does it signal the beginning of an O-team mutiny? Or isolated–if indiscreet–panic?

Imagine Andrew Sullivan, like Jerry McGuire, alone with his goldfish, trying to be brave, but confused, exposed, lost, and afraid. Very afraid.

On the other hand: a more cynical view suggests that Sullivan knew what he was doing, knew it would be elevated to a media meta-story, because it was aimed that way. Maybe Andrew didn’t break a sweat. Rather than unhinged, or emotional, it was a level-headed, headline-grabbing career choice. Drive traffic, drive a discussion, draw attention to Sullivan’s status.

With that in mind–there’s hope. Perhaps Sullivan can volunteer to draft Obama’s concession speech?

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