Why the Long Face, Democrats?

If Democrats are so convinced that President Obama will win, they why are they so depressed? Michael Medved on the scenario everyone’s ignoring—a Romney landslide

by  | November 1, 2012 

When leading pundits, pollsters and prognosticators seem to agree that the re-election of President Obama is all but inevitable, why do grassroots Democrats seem so anxious and depressed?

Obama SupportersSupporters listen at a rally for President Barack Obama on November 1, 2012 in Waukesha, Wisconsin. (Scott Olson / Getty Images)

If the president’s most ardent supporters feel soul-deep certainty that their candidate has richly earned another term in office, then how is it that they universally acknowledge that he’ll draw far fewer votes than he did as an untried freshman senator four years ago?

A revealing report by Joe Garofoli in the San Francisco Chroniclefound local liberals “so freaked out about the prospect of President Obama losing his re-election bid that they can’t sleep at night. Can’t talk about anything else. Can’t stop parsing the latest polls.” In a particularly alarming confession, one retired educator said she’s become “so distraught she can’t exercise.” David Plouffe, a top Obama strategist, found such panic attacks so common among his fellow Democrats that he’s even coined a name for the victims: he calls them “bed-wetters.”

In a sense, the recent media mantra about Chris Christie “rescuing” or “saving” the Obama campaign reflects the same sense of desperation about the president’s prospects. Why would a confident, successful chief executive who has masterfully concluded his triumphant term ever require rescue from the boisterous governor of New Jersey? If a few warm words about from a combative, partisan Republican look like a life preserver for Barack Obama, it would seem to suggest that he was, in fact, previously drowning…


via The Daily Beast

One Comment on “Why the Long Face, Democrats?”

  1. This was a good piece by Medved. I have to believe that in all of these close races, independents will break towards Romney in droves. He’s been clear, concise and optimistic. Obama was exposed as a fraud during the first debate, and Romney proved to millions in one fell swoop that he is capable sitting in the big chair.

    If Romney wins, we’ll still have a lot of heavy lifting to do to right the ship — it’s still going to get ugly — but if he loses, God help us all.

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