Harry Belafonte Wants President Obama to Jail Dissenters

Far-left activist and singer Harry Belafonte publicly encouraged President Obama to jail those calling for entitlement reforms.

Belafonte made his statement on the liberal propaganda network MSNBC, along with self-titled civil rights activist and MSNBC host Al Sharpton. It seems Belafonte believes President Obama won a mandate in his reelection victory and should be encouraged to jail those who disagree with him and claim political power for himself, like a third world dictator.

Someone should tell Belafonte that President Obama and Democrats failed to retake the House of Representatives in the last election.

Neither Belafonte or Sharpton should be considered civil rights activists, as they now believe disagreement with the president should lead to prison. Our Constitution does not allow a president to seize unilateral power whenever the opposition party disagrees with him. Belafonte might believe that third world nations like Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Syria are great places to live but travel to those nations and ask the public how they like it there. Oh wait, there is no freedom of speech in those nations.

My question is, Where does Belafonte think the forced jailing should end, only with Obama’s political opponents, or should it extend to republicans and independent like myself? What about Green Party activists, gun owners, non-union members and non-Socialists? It now seems we have the blueprint on how the left wants to transform America.

via Harry Belafonte Wants President Obama to Jail Dissenters.

3 Comments on “Harry Belafonte Wants President Obama to Jail Dissenters”

  1. MitsiLancer says:

    Not a surprise is it? The people are so deceived that are led by complete fakes like the joke- Rev. Sharpton and the like.. They, this joke of a presidential administration, have been in the process of transforming America for four years and America gave them another four to complete the transformation. No more America left! It is not a surprise that these crazy leftist liberals are now calling for the jailing of people that are against this administration. It’s expected! Soon this hatred and intolerance will turn to Christians because true conservatism stems from Christian morals and a values.. Soon in America we will see really bad Christian persecution. To be a Christian will be criminal because we are the dissenters!

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