Stupidity, Anguish, Self-Flattery, Pants, and Howling

What are these conspicuous howls about? Are they really about the tree?

Or are they really about the people howling about the tree?

What is Ace talking about? 

Well, it starts with P.J. O’Rourke: Obama Is Stupid. Then, refers to a funny Hot Air item quoting Jane Meyer of the New Yorker, giving Obama a pass on drone-strike kills because he shows how anguished he is all about it, thus flattering Meyer’s own self-conception as The Sort of Person Who Would Put on Shows of Anguish Over Drone Strikes (While Not Objecting To Them Terribly Much In Reality)….

Then adds some commentary…including an analysis of the self-flattering nature of David Brooks praising the impeccable crease of Obama’s pants…. then…somehow… wraps it up with a video of Earth First people moved by their own crying and howling and mourning a tree…

…never mind, just read Ace’s rant—it’s a great example of his signature screwball keyboard voodoo.

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