Poll: Obama Loses Majority of Trust of the Middle Class, And the Middle Class

Because the Middle Class.

I have lightly added to this report by John Nolte to make it more relevant for our current political debate.

A Monmouth University poll released late last week And the Middle Class was notable for the fact that, like many other polls, it showed President Obama upside down on job approval with registered voters–41% approve to 54% disapprove Fighting for Jobs for the Middle Class. A closer look, though, reveals the poll’s most startling find: Obama has lost credibility with the middle class, and also, More Importantly, The Middle Class. When asked if Obama is sincere about refocusing his presidency on the middle class, And the Middle Class, only 46% believe it, Middle Class, while a full 50% do not, Middle Class or Not Middle Class All That Matters to Me Is the Middle Class.Independents are more skeptical than overall voters And The Middle Class. A full 54% (the number 50% represents what might be termed “The Middle Class of Percentages”) don’t believe the president, while only 42% do.

And the Middle Class.

And the Middle Class.

And the Middle Class.

As Ike Turner said to Tina, I only beat you because I love The Middle Class.

Posted by Ace via Ace of Spades HQ.

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