Poll: Majority of Palestinian Authority Muslims Support Suicide Bombings

An Islamic Jihad militant speaks during a press conference in Gaza City on March 12, 2012, following overnight Israel air strikes on the Gaza Strip in which two Palestinians were killed.    AFP PHOTO/ TOPSHOTS/ MOHAMMED ABED


A poll recently released by the Pew Research Center flies in the face of Barack Obama’s attitude toward the Palestinian people world and their desire for peace. The poll, which was conducted among 11 different nationalities comprised of large Muslim populations, found that there was unanimity among them in their opposition to suicide bombings-with one exception.

One question asked whether suicide bombings could ever be justified. The possible answers were “Never,” “Rarely,” “Sometimes,” “Often” and “Don’t Know.” Unlike their Muslim brethren, 62% of those from the “Palestinian Territories” (the areas of Palestinian Authority-controlled Judea and Samaria, and the area of Gaza) said suicide bombings were “sometimes” justifiable. The next largest group approving was from Lebanon, with 33% approving. Of those who said the suicide bombings were “often” justifiable, 37% of Palestinians approved. The second highest group was from Senegal, at 11%.

Interestingly, the group most opposed to suicide bombings was from  Pakistan, where Al Qaeda and the Taliban have almost exclusively focused the bombings on other Muslims.

Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), said:

The Palestinian Authority, through its religious establishments, has been presenting the killing of Jews as an Islamic imperative for many years. Just last year the [Palestinian Authority-appointed] Mufti of Jerusalem quoted the Hadith [Islamic teaching] which was quoted throughout the intifada period, saying that the end of days will only come when the Muslims kill the Jews.

The constant brainwashing of Palestinians by their leadership… that killing Jews in the name of Islam is a duty, has clearly influenced them. People do not give enough attention to the phenomenon of incitement to religious hatred. The continued teaching that Allah wants Jews to be killed… leaves us with a situation where Israel’s neighbors, the Palestinians, believe they have a religious obligation to kill Jews,


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