The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium Has a Glass Roof and Seats 80,000


The Tokyo 2020 Olympic stadium has been given the green light now that Japan has officially won the games. The new stadium is set to be built by Zaha Hadid Architects and is quite an impressive sight. It will function as the country’s new national stadium and will be able to seat 80,000 people and will come with a retractable roof. (GALLERY)


What makes the Tokyo 2020 Olympic stadium so amazing is its unique roof. Retractable roofs are nothing new, but the roof of this stadium appears to have glass sections that allow natural light to filter in. This means that those watching the competitions can still enjoy the sun without having to worry about sweating to death. The stadium is one of many construction projects set to be undertaken for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympic Games.


Alien Athletic Architecture

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