The Hitchcockian Crows of Vancouver

(BEN NELMS for National Post)

(BEN NELMS for National Post)

VANCOUVER — Every day at dusk, thousands of crows across Vancouver drop what they are doing, take to the air and head east.

The effect is a blackening of the skies over east Vancouver as the crows loosely follow the SkyTrain to a nightly meeting point in central Burnaby where they crowd wing-to-wing for warmth and protection and intricately plot out the parks, beaches and alleys they will scour for food come morning.

In plenty of other cities, Hitchcockian fogs of crows have been met with fear, hatred, poison and shotgun fire.

But here in the suburbs of Vancouver, for whatever reason, the nightly crow parade has become a carefully curated local institution. And with the coming of the winter months, the crow cloud is only expected to thicken.

“It’s quite amazing to be able to see something like that in the middle of the city,” said George Clulow, president of the B.C. Field Ornithologists and a longtime organizer of an annual count of the birds.

At its height, he once counted 30,000 crows.

BEN NELMS for National Post

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One Comment on “The Hitchcockian Crows of Vancouver”

  1. It always amazes me when I see all the crows flying back east from Vancouver in the evenings.

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