VIDEO: House Republicans Hold a Rally After Defund Obamacare Vote

JOHN SEXTON writes: I thought this was a good presentation by the House GOP which reminded me of the House of Commons a bit. They looked united, cheered one another on and gave a show of force. The speeches repeatedly mentioned the President’s promise about keeping your healthcare, something that will not in fact be true for millions of Americans. Also smart to start with someone other than Cantor or Boehner.

That’s the good stuff. On the other hand, I’m still not clear on the overall strategy. This is not going to get through the Senate. Harry Reid was pretty clear about that this week. And even if it somehow did, there’s still the inevitable veto from the President.

I guess the question is how does this play in 2014? It’s probably too early to say for certain. Obamacare really is unpopular and a the roll out really is a train wreck. Maybe this helps solidify that idea in the public’s mind? Anyway, it might make a nice symbolic moment for the GOP leading up to next year’s midterms even if nothing comes of it between now and then.

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