Gun Control Alert: The American Public Health Association is Targeting Veterans and Their Guns


Nancy Keaton writes: The American Public Health Association is now targeting veterans and their guns. Several months ago I wrote an article warning that the mental health discussion after Sandy Hook could lead to the back door to gun control.

And now here we are. Obama is using the American Public Health Association as a pawn to go after veterans and their guns under the guise of mental health.

I have a strong interest in the field of health.

I even considered going into public health at one point.

So I was very excited a few years back when I got to participate in a research project and present it at the APHA Conference.

I still receive emails from the APHA and whatever their current programs are. I recently received an email that started out this way:

“Two weeks ago, just three miles from the American Public Health Association headquarters, a lone gunman walked into building 197 of the Naval Yards complex and murdered 12 people, with many more injured. There are many questions as to what can be done to prevent these mass shootings and how to deal with victims of violence. APHA has resources to help understand violence and mental health issues.”

BOOM! Immediately it starts out as a gun issue. I was so discouraged to see the APHA allowing themselves to be used so easily. They tried to disguise it as going after all violence problems, but it didn’t work very well. In the links to books or articles in the email, there were descriptions such as, “to help promote awareness and policy change surrounding gun violence, veterans health, and suicide,” andresources such as, “Availability of Litigation as a Public Health Tool for Firearm Injury Prevention: Comparison of Guns, Vaccines, and Motor Vehicles” and “Prevalence of Perceived Stress and Mental Health Indicators Among Reserve-Component and Active-Duty Military Personnel” and many more. These all tell us exactly what their agenda is.

Oh, the APHA threw in a couple of articles on bullying and family violence, just so it would look like they are seriously considering other violent activities. I have some advice for the APHA on this one – if they want to talk about bullying, maybe they should start by talking to President Obama. By his decisions to barricade outdoor parks and memorials and disrespect veterans, he is the perfect example of a person who has all the power and is willing to use it and laugh at us while doing it. Kids are seeing that the one with the power has all the control. They are learning how to bully from the President of the United States.

But further comments, such as, “For those seeking more information on organizations that work with victims of gun violence and other types of violence” tells us they think there is two types of violence – gun or non-gun. Even though non-gun violence massively outweighs gun violence, this is what they choose to focus on. Because that is the current political agenda. (I find it interesting that the article on guns, vaccines and motor vehicles state that 65,000 were injured by guns each year but 2.8 MILLION people are injured by cars. So shouldn’t their primary agenda focus on the inanimate object that injures the MOST people?)

I would love to think they really are concerned about a veteran’s mental health and really are interested in helping them through hard times and to recover. They talk like if they “remove the mental health stigma” that more people will come forward and seek help. But – when they are so obvious about taking away guns, the result will be that LESS people will seek help for fear of having their rights stripped of them for no reason. We see every day that the government operates under its own set of rules and common sense no longer exists. We see every day that the government is willing to pick and choose who gets allowed to avoid laws and who gets unfairly harassed and demonized.

Emails like these from the APHA only do more to show the war that is being waged on veterans and gun owners. So be aware – the propaganda machine is getting into full swing under the guise of mental health. And Obamacare WILL make their crusade even easier.

Nancy Keaton lives in Chehalis, Washington with her family. She is mother of three and grandmother of three and has recently acquired the healthy love of guns, self-defense, hunting, and the Second Amendment. Nancy and her family are also a travel writing team and you can learn about fun in the Pacific Northwest by checking out their blog at Questions and comments can be emailed to Nancy at

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