GOOD NEWS: O.J. Simpson Wants to Host Religious TV Show After Leaving Prison

Yeah, I killed her. Got away with it, too. Want to join me in prayer? Open your bible to page...

Yeah, I killed her. Got away with it, too. Want to join me in prayer? The bible says…

William Bigelow reports: According to a promoter for O.J. Simpson, the former gridiron great has had a religious rebirth behind bars and is now ready to host a TV show.

The show, titled Holy Safari, would feature Simpson traveling the world and interviewing religious leaders, even the Pope. Simpson is awaiting a decision on the appeal of his convictions for armed robbery and kidnapping.

Norman Pardo, the promoter, who has known Simpson for 20 years, had some rather interesting things to say about his client: that he constantly reads the Bible as well as the Koran, that he converted a white supremacist to Christianity while in prison, and most importantly, that Simpson is the best person to impart the message of God.

Pardo said Simpson was like the Biblical Job: ‘This man has had everyone taken from him … this is the man that can be the evangelist. Nobody could have been through as much as him and kept their faith.” He also said Simpson has always been religious, adding, “‘He’s always been religious inside of the prison. He helps people who can’t find their way … Most people just think of him as a murderer because they don’t know the other side.”

Pardo puffed up the prospect of an O.J. TV show, saying, ‘There’s a lot of religious people who are behind this. They feel if O.J. found the Lord, it’s important. Most all networks need ratings, and O.J. is the hottest rated thing you’re gonna get.”

Responding to Ozzie Fumo, an attorney for Simpson, who called him a “hanger-on,” Pardo said, “I have nothing to gain, I’ve never made a dollar off O.J. When I took O.J. on tour, I paid all the bills for all the limos and all that. I could tell you more about O.J. Simpson than those attorneys would ever know. I spent 20 years with him in limos, on buses, at his home, him at my home–I even went to graduations.”

Pardo concluded his pitch for his friend’s TV career by noting that Simpson is perfectly placed for success as a messenger of he Lord, saying, “It’d have to be the guy on the bottom, and you can’t get much farther from the bottom than O.J. right now.”

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