Run, Elizabeth, Run

David Frum at The Daily Beast, and Alex Pareene at, each write about Elizabeth Warren and Ted Cruz, and 2016.

David Frum at The Daily Beast, and Alex Pareene at, each write about Warren, Cruz, and 2016.

 writes:  Frum sees a Warren run ending in defeat at the hands of the Clinton machine, How Ted Cruz Can Win in 2016:

Democrats liked Hillary personally. But they could see that a Clinton nomination implied a course correction to the right from an administration they already condemned as too conservative. And so, even as the front-runner led the fundraising race through 2015, Iowa and New Hampshire were filling with volunteers canvassing for Elizabeth Warren and her message: “She’s in it to win it. I’m in it for you.”

History didn’t repeat itself, and Elizabeth Warren was no Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton finished off the Warren challenge in April.

I’m not so sure Warren would lose to Hillary.  Remember 2008?

Pareene mockingly finds Frum’s scenario of Warren rising on the ashes of Obama failure implausible, Ted Cruz will be president if Democrats listen to Elizabeth Warren, warns Republican:

In this terrifyingly real scenario, the U.S. tips back into recession, Republicans win huge in 2014 and Democrats respond by getting more aggressively populist on economic and financial issues. These Democrats revolt against Hillary Clinton, and Obama’s moderation, and embrace, instead, Elizabeth Warren. Warren, slightly oddly, decides to run against Clinton, and the bruising primary fight divides and weakens the party.

The support for Warren continues to swell barely below the surface.  Don’t discount her running, despite her current obfuscations.

Elizabeth Warren is precisely what Republicans need in a presidential opponent.  A face off with Ted Cruz, and any of several other Republicans, would be epic.

collectivist agenda contrasted with a personal freedom agenda.  Cruz is not the only Republican who can draw that contrast, but as of this moment, he is the focal point.

For once, we would have a clear choice.

No move to the middle we usually see.  No silencing of criticism through racial politics.  An ideological fight over the future in which the lines will have been drawn.

Anyone who has been around this blog with more than a passing glance knows my position on Elizabeth Warren.  So it might seem odd for me to say:

Run, Elizabeth, Run.

And get out of the way, Hillary.

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