Top 20 Horror Films of the Past 20 Years

The IMDb Editors’ Top Horror films list is based upon the overall importance, impact and popularity these scary movies have enjoyed for the past 20 years.
MV5BMTQ2NzkzMDI4OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDA0NzE1NA@@._V1._SX140_CR0,0,140,209_It’s a good list. The Editors include this qualifier: “Note that “Top” does not mean “Best” and after some spine-tingling discussion, we came up with the following rankings…”  It’s fun to make lists like this. And useful when checking out Netflix for ideas for what to watch in October.
The Sixth Sense, at #2, showed so much promise for director M. Night Shyamalan, who never quite overcame the curse of that first success. Jonathan Demme‘s wonderful The Silence of the Lambs has the IMDB’s editors’ top spot, though I consider it more of a thriller, rather than a horror movie, it is an enduring classic in either category. It’s Jody Foster‘s best film role, ever. Certainly her most iconic, indelible adult performance. Anthony Hopkins created one of the top five most frightening homicidal characters in modern movie history. Not paralleled until Heath Ledger, I think. The list includes other classics, such as ScreamZodiacThe RingJu-on: The GrudgeAmerican PsychoSe7en, and more.
let-the-right-one-in5-5-10My personal favorite? Let the Right One In. It’s a masterpiece. The most original story, and characters. More than just a horror movie, it’s a chilling work of art. Every frame, beautifully composed. Lina Leandersson‘s performance is exquisite. Not the remake. If you’ve passed over it because of the subtitles, reconsider, it’s a gem.


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