Libertarian Jesus


Dan Mitchell writes:  Most of my political humor is designed to mock statists. That’s true whether I’m sharing cartoons, videos, jokes, or one-liners…

I think you’ll agree that “Libertarian Jesus” is worth a laugh or two. I like this poster because it makes the very important and serious point (which Cal Thomas has succinctly explained) that it’s not compassion when you use coercion to spend other people’s money.

If you want more pro-libertarian humor, all I can find is this poster about confused statists and the libertarian version of a sex fantasy.


3 Comments on “Libertarian Jesus”

  1. thetinfoilhatsociety says:

    If religious groups had not developed the abusive policy of requiring people to sit and listen to their spiel, and to convert, in order to receive the help that Jesus mandated they give – without any strings or expectations – the government would not have felt it necessary to step in and provide the help Jesus mandated, and a civil society expects.

    • The Butcher says:

      You have it exactly backwards. But thanks for the humor. Comparing a ‘spiel’ (in other words, a person of faith ‘talking’) to the state confiscating resources from citizens by force? No charity organization can ‘force’ anyone to ‘convert’ to anything. Charity is their moral obligation, the obligation of civil society. Which is different than The State. The state, however, is a machine of force, backed up by prisons, and guards with guns. Charitable organizations, including churches, consider care for the needy a duty, and an honor, not a burden. You’re suggesting the State “felt it necessary” (a Government has ‘feelings”? Really? What magical collectivist fictional state are you describing?) There is zero moral virtue in A. taking money from person B. to give to person C. You’re confusing a ‘civil society’ (volunteer citizens) with the Federal government.

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