Lovelorn Chinese bachelor cuts off penis, bikes to hospital

note: this is a stock image of a knife from Getty Images. No actual penis was harmed in the preparation of the illustration for this important news item.

Disclaimer: This is a stock image. No actual penis was harmed by this knife for this news item! / Getty Images

A Chinese man is without his penis today after he cut it off, in a fit of depression over the lack of romance in his life.

Once the man, Yang Hu, severed his junk, he apparently experienced second thoughts and also quite a bit of pain, reports the Daily Mail. So, he decided to ride his bicycle to a local hospital.

One thing Yang, 26, failed to bring with him to the hospital was his penis. Consequently, says the Daily Mirror, doctors sent him away — on his bike — to retrieve it.

Somehow, the man was actually able to return for his penis. However, when he finally got back to the hospital, penis in hand, there was more bad news. Doctors told him that he had lost so much blood that reattachment was no longer surgically possible.

Yang’s tale of depression seems to have begun when he moved to Jiaxing, a city in eastern China not too far from Shanghai. The hours at his clothing factory job were long. He fretted that he would never be able to find a girlfriend.

Depression turned to despair. On Sunday, Yang left work and arrived in his rented room at about 9:00 p.m. It was then, feeling bereft of hope, that he disunited himself from his penis.

Yang theorized that axing his penis might help him stop longing for true love, notes the Daily Star.

Yang’s friends have condemned the doctors who treated him. They have suggested that Yang might still have his penis today if the doctors had ordered an ambulance to deliver him more rapidly back to his room, or wherever it was that he had discarded his severed organ.

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