Poll: 71% of Voters ‘Yeah, We Knew He Was Lying’

3f6ad3a336b07b5a32cf05f06a0c05e3Debra Heine writes: A new Rasmussen poll finds that an overwhelming majority of voters think the president probably lied to them about  his “signature achievement”, and would like to see it scrapped or changed.

Asked how likely it is that Obama or senior officials in his administration were aware long before ObamaCare was implemented, that health insurance costs would go up for some, 71 percent of voters responded that “it’s at least somewhat likely.”

When the vast majority of American voters can agree they were lied to in order pass a controversial bill on a party line vote that amounts to a takeover of nearly 1/6 of the economy, and a large percent of them say, yeah, so what? – Our country is in deep trouble. According to Rasmussen, 48% of Likely U.S. Voters still approveof  Obama’s job performance. Unbelievable. 

Only 18 percent want Obamacare to continue on as it is.  43% want it repealed and started over from scratch, and another 35% want Congress to fix it in a piecemeal fashion. That’s a total of 78% who want to see either a complete do-over, or major fixes.

So – Obama blatantly lied to us in order to pass his “signature achievement” which has turned out to be a major debacle most people want scrapped or changed….Good job, Mr. President! You’re “historic!”

A plurality responded that they think HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius should resign or be fired.

40% of likely U.S. Voters believe Sebelius should be fired or resign because of the problems now being experienced with the new health care law while 41% disagree and say Sebelius should not leave her job due to these problems. 19% are undecided.

That’s okay with me. Having an HHS Sec who is basically a  laughingstock in charge of the ObamaCare trainwreck is somehow quite fitting.

Poll: 71% of Voters Believe Obama Knew Premiums Would Skyrocket For Some Americans

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