BREAKING: Editor Takes Hong Kong Bar Exam, Survives


HK_Central_Statue_Square_Legislative_Council_Building_n_Themis_spunditfromanotherplanet would like to take this opportunity to extend our warmest BeforeAfterBarExamcongratulations to fellow planet editor and co-founder Dr. Strangelove, who just completed the Hong Kong Bar exam. Well played, sir!

The amount of work and study required to pass this exam, I can only imagine, must be tremendous. It requires dedication, fortitude, and endurance. It’s not for the faint-of-heart. Even for high-achievers, it can take a toll.

We hope when he recovers he’ll file a report from our Hong Kong Bureau, or from his desk when he returns to the U.S.

Again, congratulations.

—The Butcher


2 Comments on “BREAKING: Editor Takes Hong Kong Bar Exam, Survives”

  1. rmnixondeceased says:

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  2. […] of a new study at a conference later this year in Washington D.C. that reveals a link between waiting for results of a Bar Exam, and a dramatic increase in inoperable brain […]

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