Rickets Making a Comeback in the U.K., Doctors Say

300px-Rickets_USNLMMaria Cheng reports:  (LONDON) — Rickets, the childhood disease that once caused an epidemic of bowed legs and curved spines during the Victorian era, is making a shocking comeback in 21st-century Britain.

Rickets results from a severe deficiency of vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium. Rickets was historically considered to be a disease of poverty among children who toiled in factories during the Industrial Revolution, and some experts have hypothesized it afflicted literary characters like Tiny Tim in Charles Dickens‘ “A Christmas Carol.”

Last month, Britain’s chief medical officer, Dr. Sally Davies, described the return of rickets as “appalling.” She proposed the country give free vitamins to all children under 5 and asked the country’s independent health watchdog to study if that would be worthwhile.

More… TIME.com

2 Comments on “Rickets Making a Comeback in the U.K., Doctors Say”

  1. Vitamin D. the Sunshine vit! Hang on though UK kids aren’t allowed to play outside because it is either unsafe or the local authorities have banned it. Games at school has been largely given up in favor of sitting in front of a PC screen and many folk can’t afford foods rich in Vitamin D like Fish, milk, eggs, and liver. Good to know we’ve climbed out of recession and back into the Victorian times. Well done (not) the politicians.

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