‘Prosecute Jimmy Kimmel’ Website Promotes Imaginary Injustice

What do we do when people with too much time on their hands imagine that they are “injured”  by an entertainment program? What do we do when their malignant fantasy develops, that they are deeply wounded (by the harmless, absurd utterances of innocent children on a late-night television program, of all things) and this victim fantasy compels them to publicly display their pretense of suffering? Well, we dismiss them. Ignore them.


But what do we do when the afflicted pretend-victims start a campaign involving public resources? Attempting to engage the office of the District Attorney in Los Angeles County–motivated by rage over an imagined injustice–these fools actually make a website to enlist others in their delusional grievance? What do we do then?

We openly mock them.

Marcus Aurelius, emperor over the last generat...

The Stoic philosophers would say: “Get rid of the judgment, get rid of the ‘I am hurt,’ you are rid of the hurt itself.” (viii.40)

Unfortunately, pre-modern Stoic philosophers didn’t have the internet. If they did, they could have had a lot more fun, at the expense of malignant grievance mongers. A generous dose of mockery is good for cleansing the imaginary wounds. Dissolving fake-victim fantasies is easy. It only takes laughter.

Have at it, boys and girls. Here is their website:

Prosecute Jimmy Kimmel

One Comment on “‘Prosecute Jimmy Kimmel’ Website Promotes Imaginary Injustice”

  1. Had Enough says:

    Give me a break. It was a comedy skit. Jimmy Kimmel and ABC apologized to the Chinese community for airing it. It wasn’t said by Kimmel, it was an unscripted comment by a child. I’d like to know how many people who signed the petition actually watched the clip?

    This is the US, a country where there is freedom of speech-you can joke and poke fun at just about anything. Asking the government to investigate a TV program? Sounds like something the Chinese government would do. Comparing the skit to genocide or the language of Hitler and the holocaust?! The only systematic, institutionalized oppression or mistreatment of the Chinese happens in China at the hands of their own government.

    I lived and worked in Beijing for 15 years and this kind of ridiculous over reactive display was typically whipped up by the government in response to some kind of mistreatment by the Japanese.

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