[VIDEO] The November 14th interview with Clarence Thomas

Ann Althouse writes: Discussed previously here, linking to an Above the Law item that is now titled “Justice Clarence Thomas Speaks!” but was previously titled “Justice Clarence Thomas Speaks — And Oh What A Speech!”

I’m going to guess that the “And Oh What A Speech!” part got dropped not because ATL wanted to back away from expressing enthusiasm but because it’s not a speech. It’s an interview. And part of what’s good about it is that the interviewer 7th Circuit Judge Diane S. Sykes is excellent. The gushing over Thomas deprived Sykes of her share of the gushing.

Now, I don’t like what’s left of the title — “Justice Clarence Thomas Speaks” — because it redirects our attention to a favorite liberal media meme about Thomas: He doesn’t speak at oral argument. But you can easily look up his reason for that. It’s been observed and discussed many times. And Clarence Thomas frequently speaks outside of the oral argument setting, so I don’t like the hey-who-knew-the-guy-could-speak snark — which is what we’re left with once the “And Oh What A Speech!” is lopped off.

Anyway, the fact is, this is an excellent 50 minutes of conversation, and thanks to The Federalist Society for putting it up.

Althouse: Thomas Interview now on YouTube

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