Supporters to George Zimmerman: WTF Dude?

George Zimmerman has been arrested again today November 18, 2013. A new George Zimmerman mug shot has been released moments ago by local authorities Monday 11-18-13. But why was Zimmerman arrested, does it involve his former wife, and is he being represented by an attorney?

George Zimmerman was arrested and booked, local police tell news. The arrest stemmed from allegations inside a home in Apopka, Florida. The owner of the home has not been identified to news. Police tell news that they received a 911 call, reporting an alleged “disturbance”. When Seminole County Sheriff’s officers arrived, they arrested Zimmerman. He was then transported to a local area jail.

Officials tell news that Zimmerman’s charge(s) remain unknown. He is reportedly pending arraignment. The name of the alleged victim is unknown. And the nature of the dispute is also unknown. Mark O’Mara, the attorney who represented Zimmerman during his defense in the Trayvon Martin case, says that he does not represent Zimmerman in today’s matter.

Back in September Shellie Zimmerman claimed that George Zimmerman allegedly pulled a knife on her in an alleged domestic violence attack, and then allegedly got into an altercation with her father Colin Morgan. “There was some kind of a domestic; we know that with his wife and father-in-law. Apparently there were some weapons involved and threats,” a deputy police chief in Lake Mary told ABC News at the time. Zimmerman was later not charged.

George Zimmerman Arrested Again Today 2013: New Mugshot Released

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