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Democrats Can’t ‘Talk Around’ Failures of 

Democrats won’t be able to put up a smokescreen to hide from Obamacare’s failures, Charles Krauthammer said Thursday night.

Majority Leader Harry Reid can “argue all [he wants] that the sun rises in the West, it’s not going to work,” he said.

“People are receiving cancelations, they know they lost their insurance. There’s no way to talk around it.”

Krauthammer also attacked the administration’s attempt to sell nearly 30,000 recent enrollments on as a success.

If people continue to sign up for Obamacare at the same rate they signed up for it Sunday and Monday, “you come out with a number which means that, of the five million people who’ve lost insurance, six percent will have it restored,” Krauthammer said, declaring that Obamacare ”is a disaster with the numbers the White House is touting.”

National Review Online

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