[VIDEO] ‘Sweet Lady with the Nasty Voice’: Wanda Jackson ‘Hard Headed Woman’

The Fabulous Wanda jackson on Town Hall Party in 1958. “Keep your cotton-pickin’ fingers off my curly hair!”

The Smithsonian Channel has a great profile of rockabilly singer Wanda Jackson The Sweet Lady with the Nasty Voice. Here’s a part of R &B history that I never knew about, though I can hear how her influence cascaded down to Janis Joplin, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello,  countless others. If you can catch this on cable, you’ll be glad you did.


Smithsonian: In 1954, one woman changed music history. Wanda Jackson was the first lady of rock and roll. The stage was her kingdom, and she ruled it with an aggressive style and signature growl, which shocked listeners and gained her tour dates with Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Her influence was massive, spreading beyond her gender and her generation, as detailed in interviews with rock immortals Elvis Costello, Patti Scialfa, Bruce Springsteen, and Terry Stewart, President of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Just One of the Boys

Wanda talks about touring with her “buddies” including Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis and The King himself – Elvis.

Smithsonian Channel – The Sweet Lady with the Nasty Voice

Wanda Jackson – YouTube – Hard Headed Woman

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