Media Super Fail: Newtown Results in Avalanche of More Relaxed Gun Laws


John Nolte reports:  The failure of the mainstream media’s months-long crusade to exploit the horrific murders at Sandy Hook Elementary into restrictions against our Second Amendment civil rights was already apparent. On the federal level, no new gun controls were passed, and the only electoral fallout has been the recall and resignations of gun control extremist Democrats in Colorado. By way of actual legislation, we now know that the media’s campaign was an even bigger failure.

In the year since the murder of 20 children in Newtown, The New York Times reports that, at the state and local level, 1500 gun bills have been introduced. Of the 109 that have actually become law, 39 have tightened gun restrictions, while almost twice as many, 70, have loosened gun restrictions.

“Not only have gun purchases soared since gun-control advocates began their push for new legislation; The National Review‘s Greg Pollowitz adds: “We can see that the majority of new legislation getting passed hurts their cause more than if they were silent.”

Thousands of new guns on the street, and a surge in laws loosening gun restrictions. Not only is this a major setback for Democrats but also for a mainstream media that went all in on this campaign. But through the use of facts, logic, reporting, and compassion to push back against the media’s fear-mongering, demonization, hysteria, and emotional blackmail, New Media and the NRA absolutely routed the Left.

The media’s demagoguery, dishonesty, and partisanship have now handed the American gun culture a rolling parade of victories for a full year — victories that would have otherwise not have been possible or even fought for.

This has to be unsettling for the media. Ten years ago, the media was entirely too dominant and powerful to ever lose a battle they poured everything they had into.

Those days are over.


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Media Super Fail

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