Beijing: Perv Seen Fondling Women on Subway [Photos]


A man has been seen hiding beneath the seats on a subway car and fondling the legs of two women, the Beijing Times reported on Monday.

A passenger surnamed Zhou captured the man on video after boarding the train at Xizhimen station on Line 2 in Beijing.

“I saw that there was something moving under the seats opposite me. After looking closer, I saw that it was actually a man,” said Zhou. “Then he reached out to touch two female passengers’ legs.”


“The women were chatting, so they didn’t notice at first,” Zhou added. “Both were wearing black stockings.”

The women became aware of the harassment shortly before the man, who was wearing a mask and blue down jacket, got off the train.

Police officers at the subway said they would strengthen patrols. Female passengers are reminded to call the police if they encounter such harassment.

Beijing news –

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