Punditfromanotherplanet’s Top Ten Stories of 2013


I had planned to do a more elaborate year-end round up, with more commentary, but here we are, at the end of 2013. What do these items have in common? Well, guns, public nudity, sex, public nudity, sex, violence, glamor, politics, guns, and… politics. Sex and violence are popular, yeah? So it seems. Drum roll! Counting down from ten, here are this year’s top ten stories:

10. U.N. Maps Show U.S. High in Gun Ownership, Low in Homicides

9. PHOTOS: Courtney Cox, 29, arrested for ‘skinny dipping in casino fountain’


8. Taiwan playboy Justin Lee sentenced to 22 years for non-consensual sex and privacy violation

7. Woman Arrested After Alleged Casino Fountain Skinny Dip

6. Red Hot Communist Party Sex Party


5. [VIDEO] UPDATED with English Subtitles: Hong Kong Alpha-Woman Scolding, Trash-Talkin’, and Bitch-Slapping her Beta-Boyfriend in Public

4. Japan MILF Award: Housewife Wins Pageant for “Bewitching” Middle-Aged Beauties


3. Obamacare’s Pajama Boy: ‘I am a liberal f***’

2. Kenyan Mall Massacre Hero: Off duty SAS soldier with handgun saved 100 lives


1. [VIDEO] ‘Don’t Loosen Sanctions on Iran’

Also, we picked up a little star, courtesy of blogontheedgeoftheuniverse, thanks!

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

Thanks to our readers, and commenters, and a special welcome to new Tumblr followers, and new WordPress subscribers, thanks for making 2013 a year of explosive, unexpected growth  for punditfromanotherplanet. More fun to come in 2014!

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