College Plays the Race Card, Literally, in Anti-Whiteness Play


Robby Soave reports:  A public university hosted a theater productions in which actors lamented their whiteness, whined about “all white spaces” in American society and claimed that striving for colorblindness is tantamount to racism.

That university is the University of Oregon, which hosted an adaptation of “The Race Card Project,” last semester, according to Campus Reform.

The production is based off the work of former NPR host Michele Norris, who runs a website that encourages people to play their own personal race card by coining a six-word sentence about their experiences with race and posting it on her blog.

“How would you distill your thoughts, experiences or observations about race into one sentence that only has six words?” reads Norris’s website.

At UO’s production, student-actors were given considerably more than six words.

“I’m never asked about hot sauce,” revealed one of the students, an Asian woman — an apparent indication that society is explicitly racist…

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