Chinese New Year lifehacks: how to get home when a billion others are doing the same


Lily Kuo has a great item at Quartz. She writes:

This week, over 200 million people have begun traveling home to celebrate the spring festival, chunjie, or Chinese New Year, part of the world’s biggest annual mass migration which invariably strains the country’s transportation system with days-long traffic jams, flight delays, and near-riots over sold-out train tickets.

This year should be especially bad. Transportation officials estimate that China’s 1.3 billion people will take an average of three trips each by rail, air, and road over the 40 day period that marks the holiday, for a record total of 3.62 billion trips (link in Chinese). That’s 200 million more trips than last year.


While the bulk of travel is by road, especially by bus or coach, each of these modes of transport will come under heavy traffic. Scalpers, for instance, are using bots to buy train tickets in bulk and drive up prices.

Here’s how some Chinese—many of whom will only travel home this once all year—are dealing with the notorious chunyun or “spring migration.”

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