Obama fights perception that administration is out of time, losing altitude, in flames, spiraling toward earth…

  writes:  President Obama is touting 2014 as a “year of action,” but it might just as easily be called the year of “measured expectation.”Contrary to the predictions of many in Washington, Congress is on the verge of passing a spending bill that restores funding to some of Obama’s top priorities, which were undermined by deep cuts that took effect last year. Obama will have new money for early-childhood education and infrastructure spending, although the sums involved are far less than what he says is necessary to create jobs and narrow inequality.

And on Wednesday, Obama came here to promote the creation of a new manufacturing innovation institute that he described as a model effort for the economy of the future. Obama said he would like to create 45 such institutions, but the White House has found money for only four — making it more a symbol of what he’d like to do than a demonstration of broad achievement.

“The pieces are there to restore some of the ground that the middle class has lost in recent decades,” Obama told a youthful crowd at North Carolina State University, which will lead the new institute. “But it requires us to take action. This has to be a year of action.”

Despite the lofty language, Obama begins 2014 with none of the boundless hope that characterized the start of his second term last year, when the president believed that his sizable reelection victory might break the Republican “fever” opposed to his policies. He had grand ambitions, hoping for a budget deal, an overhaul of immigration laws, a successful launch of the Affordable Care Act, near-universal preschool and other big ideas.

None of that happened. Instead, he got the deep spending cuts known as sequestration, a partial government shutdown and a botched health-care launch. Now, with the midterm elections and bitter congressional division casting a long shadow over his sixth year in office, Obama and his senior aides are fighting the perception that they are out of time to make progress on his priorities.

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5 Comments on “Obama fights perception that administration is out of time, losing altitude, in flames, spiraling toward earth…”

  1. bullright says:

    He’s out of touch and running low on time. There is no salvageable landing, it’s crash and burn just like his policies.

  2. Richard M Nixon (Deceased) says:

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.

  3. Reblogged this on crypticpunk [krip-tik] [puhngk] and commented:
    Well he is losing the fight

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