‘Cookie Jars Full of Drugs’



Nancy Dillon  reports:  Justin Bieber’s mansion reportedly was stuffed with drugs and paraphernalia when cops rolled up to serve an egging-related search warrant last week.

Two large cookie jars loaded with marijuana sat in plain view of the dozen detectives from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, an unidentified source told TMZ.com.

The notorious party palace also contained four or five empty codeine bottles along with empty Fanta bottles, TMZ said.

The Fanta bottles appeared to be discolored by the codeine, a sign they were used to mix the narcotic drink Sizzurp, also called “lean.”


Luckily for the Biebs, the deputies were raiding the house for surveillance equipment and other evidence that could tie him to a recent egging of his neighbor’s mansion – not drugs.

Splash News/Splash News

Police raided the pop star’s home on Jan. 14 in connection to an egg-throwing incident.

“It’s pretty widely known the kid smokes weed,” Lt. David Thompson, the lead detective on the case, told the Daily News Thursday…

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NY Daily News

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