Is Wendy Davis Texas Toast?


Chuck Ross  writes:  Intriguing new details reported by The Dallas Morning News show that Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate and liberal hero Wendy Davis has consistently twisted the truth about her own life story.

Davis, a state senator, became famous nationwide after she blocked a bill seeking to place limitations on abortion with an 11-hour filibuster featuring her tale of perseverance and against-all-odds grit.

According to the Davis legend – as exemplified by Davis in her campaign video A Texas Story – the state senator was married, had a child, and divorced all by the time she was 19.

She lived in a trailer and worked to raise her daughter and make her way through college, eventually landing in the hallowed halls of Harvard. From there, Davis – born Wendy Russell – became an attorney, a Fort Worth city councilwoman, and a state senator known for confronting the “old-boys network” of Texas state politics.

But Davis had a bit more help than she lets on in filibusters and stump speeches, and some of the details of her life as a young single mother are murky.

Davis admitted to being less than precise about the details of her life story in an interview with The Dallas Morning News.

“My language should be tighter,” she told the Morning News’ Wayne Slater, while acknowledging that the timeline and details of her life story have had errors. “I’m learning about using broader, looser language. I need to be more focused on the detail.”

If the details of the Dallas Morning News report are accurate, Davis’s errors range from timeline inconsistencies to contextual omissions

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