Fracking Protesters Arrested for Gluing Themselves to the Wrong Petrol Pumps

Oh bloody hell, it's the wrong tracking pump

“Oh bloody hell, it’s the wrong fracking pump”

Robert Wilde reports:  On Monday, four members of an anti-fracking group wound up in jail for using bicycle locks and glue to fasten themselves to gas pumps at a petrol station in Great Lever, England. The group sacrificed themselves in order to protest the hydraulic fracking activities of Total, a French petroleum company.

But, to their embarrassment, the group sacrificed themselves to the wrong petrol station, which was no longer owned by Total. The petrol station was owned by Certas Energy, who neglected to take down the signs after buying the station.

The petrol station’s manager, Reezwan Patel commented that some protesters were peaceful, but that those who  shackled themselves to the pumps “were stupid and have cost us a lot of money.” He added that, “We had to close for six hours, so with the loss of customers and the damage to the pumps, it could be a couple of thousand pounds we have lost.”

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3 Comments on “Fracking Protesters Arrested for Gluing Themselves to the Wrong Petrol Pumps”

  1. […] Pundit from another Planet Robert Wilde reports: On Monday, four members of an anti-fracking group wound up in jail for using […]

  2. Yep, that’s the UK for you with protests.
    Small, ill thought out, wrong place, wrong time, and pointless.
    No 100’s of thousands on the streets, petrol bombs, carnage, CS gas, and a few dead bodies courtesy of the police. The UK wouldn’t do that.
    No passion, total apathy, nothing like the European mainland.
    When they throw a party, they throw one hell of a party!

  3. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Ever wonder what happens to all those kids, that in winter time, would touch a frozen lamp post with their tongue? Yep, glue themselves.., to gasoline pumps. You can’t make this stuff up.

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