Media Circle Wagons to Protect Wendy Davis


Early this morning the Political page of Huffington Post had a WW3-sized alarmist headline trumpeting “misogyny”-fueled attacks on Davis. Yep, its full panic mode. That overblown lead story has since rotated out, but the theme remains. Huffpo headlines like this reveal the desperate wagon-circling to protect Wendy.

On the other hand, to their credit, HuffPo, and others, rallied to protect Sarah Palin when she was under attack, calling out her critics as hateful sexists. Oh, wait. Never mind. Actually, the HuffPo piled on. As expected, the Democrat-Media Complex never lifted a finger to defend Palin, when attacked by critics, or any other conservative candidate who happens to be a minority, or a woman. It’s only hateful and sexist if you criticize a liberal female candidate.

Exhibit A. To criticize Wendy Davis is clearly only about sexism and misogyny. What else could it be?

Exhibit A. Note: Any criticism of Wendy Davis is clearly motivated by sexism and misogyny. What else could it be?

John Nolte  writes:

It is not as though the media would have to quit their ongoing political assassination of Chris Christie to give the brewing scandal surrounding Texas Democrat Wendy Davis’s bio falsehoods the attention it deserves. The media can do two things at once. But other than clearing the way for President-in-waiting Hillary Clinton, the media is desperately circling the wagons to downplay a legitimate scandal that could take down a rising Democrat star.

For two days now, NBC’s Chuck Todd has failed to mention the scandal even once during his hour-long MSNBC political show “The Daily Rundown.” Todd’s reasoning for passing on this unbelievably juicy story just isn’t convincing…

…Apparently, the Davis story will only be “interesting” when the GOP uses it against her. This is a typical tactic with our media: make it a “GOP attacks Wendy Davis story” instead of a “Wendy Davis lied about her bio” story. That mitigates the scandal for Davis and allows Murray and Todd to backfire the scandal on the GOP with a trumped up “sexist GOP overreach” narrative…

Read the rest… (includes embedded tweets not shown here)

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