Alan Dershowitz Rises to the Defense of Dinesh D’Souza


Paul A. Rahe  writes:  Not much attention has been paid in the mainstream press to the arrest and indictment of Dinesh D’Souza for supposedly breaking the campaign finance laws by reimbursing those whose money he collected in his role as a bundler for Wendy Long‘s run for the Senate in New York in 2012.

But then the same mainstream press has been notably reluctant to look into the charges that the IRS persecuted Tea-Party groups and that Erich Holder’s Department of Justice whitewashed the affair.

This administration’s partisan use of prosecutorial discretion to harass conservatives and Republicans more generally is one of the great scandals of our time. But, to be fair to the Obama administration, so is the partisan bias of the mainstream press.

This makes it noteworthy that Alan Dershowitz, who is most emphatically not a conservative Republican, has weighed in on the question of Dinesh’s indictment, saying, “This is clearly a case of selective prosecution for one of the most common things done during elections, which is to get people to raise money for you. If they went after everyone who did this, there would be no room in jails for murderers.” Here is what Newsmax reports:

The Justice Department’s tactics remind Dershowitz of the words of Stalin’s secret police chief, Lavrentiy Beria, who said, “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”

“This is an outrageous prosecution and is certainly a misuse of resources,” charged Dershowitz. “It raises the question of why he is being selected for prosecution among the many, many people who commit similar crimes.

“This sounds to me like it is coming from higher places. It is hard for me to believe this did not come out of Washington or at least get the approval of those in Washington.”

Here is what Joseph diGenova, former US attorney and a partner at diGenova and Toensing, has to say: “What strikes me as unusual is that it involves a single donation made by an individual with no criminal record. It seems to me that a misdemeanor makes much more sense than a felony charge.”

I must say that I admire Dershowitz. He was similarly forthright about the George Zimmerman case, and, boy, was he right in the charges he lodged against the prosecutor…

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