Socialism: Humanity’s Most Tragic Experiment


Socialism’s Sad Estate 

Tom Rogan  writes:  For all its varying faces — from the totalitarianism of North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela to the social democracies of Europe — the truth shows forth in absolute clarity.

Earlier this week, we learned that in 2013, foreign investment in France declinedby 77 percent.

That’s 77 percent.

That figure isn’t just bad, it’s unambiguously catastrophic. But the costs of President François Hollande’s failure aren’t simply economic. They’re also societal. Galvanized by popular disenchantment with the establishment, the French far Right hopes to win major victories in forthcoming local elections.

In short, the Fifth Republic isn’t looking so great.

Yet, as strange as it will sound, there is hope to be found here. Facing such an unspinnable socialist meltdown, Europeans might finally begin to realize the fallacy of the left-wing utopia. Meantime, French conservatives are recognizing the need for a more compelling agenda. They should look across the Channel. While socialist regulations continue to wreak havoc in much of Europe, in the U.K., it’s different. Thanks to small but structurally focused reforms, economic growth in Britain has reached a level not seen since 2007.

The dichotomy between conservative leadership and liberal failure is astounding.

Unfortunately, not everyone can see it. Staggeringly, many influential Europeans remain convinced that a socialist magic kingdom lurks just over the horizon. Tellingly, some European leftists are so committed to this delusion that theyfervently celebrate the regimes of Cuba and Venezuela. Castroville and Chavezland — beacons for a 21st-century European enlightenment?

Let’s consider socialism’s record in these nations.

In Cuba, we find an aged leader who rants as his nation crumbles. When the Castros are finally gone from this Earth, the face of their revolution will not be that of Che Guevara. Instead, it will be images like this.

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National Review Online

Tom Rogan is a blogger based in Washington, D.C., and a contributor to the Guardian.


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