[VIDEO] Andrew Breitbart Remembered

Andrew Breitbart: It would be his 45th birthday

Happy Birthday #Breitbart @BreitbartNews A man with passion very missed. Gone too soon! http://t.co/pxlQAey9Ax
Barb (@BarbofPA) February 01, 2014

Happy Birthday Andrew Breitbart. Gone too soon. @HatingBreitbart
Lisa (@LCinquanti) February 01, 2014

Happy Birthday Andrew Breitbart.. You are dearly missed.. We will keep up the fight against the tyrannical left http://t.co/ZV3hbSkOyO
Nat Shupe (@NatShupe) February 01, 2014


At the website that bears his name, Breitbart is remembered by Larry Solov “a leader, a voice, a patriot; a brawler for truth, transparency, the democratization of news and information, and for the values upon which this great nation was founded and should be guided still.”

Happy birthday, Andrew Breitbart, and Godspeed. Your legacy endures.#breitbart #breitbartishere twitpic.com/du45il
Dr. Milton Wolf (@miltonwolfmd) February 01, 2014

Happy Birthday, Andrew Breitbart
You will Not be forgotten ! http://t.co/nCQBTONZAY
Patricia (@WickedPatriot) February 01, 2014

Happy Birthday to @AndrewBreitbart I miss you so much my friend!#breitbartarmy #so @breitbart #tcot #teaparty
Ari David (@AriDavidUSA) February 01, 2014

Andrew Breitbart – CPAC 2012 Happy Birthday Andrew.—
Bill Periman (@BillPeriman) February 01, 2014

Happy Birthday. We MISS you ‘SO? ‘. We carry on thanking you all the way.#liberty #tcot#teaparty breitbart.com/Big-Government…
Josie Buzz (@JosieBuzz) February 01, 2014

Still loved. Still missed. Some days more than ever. RT @DCfilmgirl: February 1: Andrew’s Birthday #Breitbart breitbart.com/Big-Government…
(@AnnaZ) February 01, 2014

Happy Birthday, we miss you! breitbart.com/Big-Government…
Holly Kalbach (@HKalbach) February 01, 2014


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