China Military Spending Surges for 2014


Awr Hawkins  writes:  China military spending is surging from the $139.2 billion it spent in 2013 to the $148 billion allotted in 2014.

And this “comes as defense budgets at the Pentagon and many NATO countries shrink.”

According to The New York Times, the U.S. still far outspends the Chinese at $574.9 billion. However, that number is decreasing, down nearly a hundred billion from the $664.3 spent in 2013.

China has made increased military spending a priority since 2009. In 2011, it premiered “China-made aircraft with radar-evading capabilities” and in 2012 “commissioned its first aircraft carrier.”

This build-up and these military advances come amid increased tensions between China and her neighbors over territorial disputes, as with China and Japan’s continued claims and counterclaims over islands in the East China Sea…

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One Comment on “China Military Spending Surges for 2014”

  1. Wayne says:

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    Ah, the Devil in the details …. Thank you for catching your, and my, readers up on Chinese Military spending.


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