The Right Can’t Stop Talking About Wendy Davis


Wendy Davis Open Carry: Alienating Her Base?

Perhaps it’s a testament to Wendy Davis’ controversial image and growing national profile, or to the size and importance of Texas on the national stage, but seriously…why is the Texas Governor’s race getting so much national media attention?  Particularly from conservatives?

I’m inclined to think the right-leaning media’s obsessive focus on Davis says more about her strengths as a candidate than her critics would like to admit. Otherwise, why can’t  24 hours pass without new op-eds and analysis about her campaign?

If her campaign is so doomed, and she’s not a threat, why not shut up about it, and cover something else? (note: I realize I’m contributing to the exact thing I’m complaining about, giving attention to the topic. But it’s an honest question. I’m curious why Davis and the Texas race continues to attract media attention)

At , in an essay proclaiming that Wendy Davis’ position on open carry will cost her any chance of winning  writes:

Start from the premise that Wendy Davis probably was going to lose the election against Greg Abbott no matter what.

But probably wasn’t a sure thing. Abbott never was in Edwin Edwards territory: “The only way I can lose this election is if I’m caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy.”

It didn’t help that Davis’s narrative of being a struggling teenage single mom who brought herself up by her bootstraps all the way to Harvard Law School fell apart.

Davis always had the base, and maybe if she got lucky, if Republican turnout was low, and she seriously motivated Democrats, maybe, just maybe, she could click her pink sneakers together and eke out a win.

That once upon a time hope may have vanished with Davis’ obvious pandering in bucking the Democrats and coming out in favor of an Open Carry law.

The Texas Tribune reports on the shock from Democrats, Davis Takes Friendly Fire on Gun Issue.

The base is furious…

Read more….

Wendy Davis Open Carry | Democrats Upset

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