[VIDEO] Libido Update: Boy-Crazy Teacher Meredith Powell Arrested


Note: The ‘Meredith Powell Sex Tape” video in circulation is fake. 

The cam-show video that’s in multiple places on YouTube, purporting to be disgraced former Tacoma teacher Meredith Powell shakin’ her booty for a webcam, is just a woman who looks sorta like Powell. Get real. It’s not her.  You know what’s real? This is real:


The mislabeled “Meredith Powell webcam video” is getting a lot of web searches and misdirected traffic (we’re getting a lot here, too, because of the word “video”) but there’s no credible evidence that it’s her. If it was Powell, I guarantee, you’d see it splashed all over TMZ, or Drudge.

If you want to see NSFW Meredith Powell material, you might want to check out this court document. (see first page above, page two is below the news video) It’s hilariously–or disturbingly–graphic. Bordering on pornographic. There was unmistakable sexual contact.

If you’re a parent, you might not think it’s funny in the least. If you’ve ever been on the wrong end of sexual misconduct or abuse between adult and minor, or a teacher and student, regardless of whether the perp was male or female, you definitely won’t find it funny.

We’ve been covering the Powell story since it broke. Here’s some links:

[Boy-Crazy Teacher Meredith Powell Raped Tacoma Teenagers, Police Say]

[More: The Meredith Powell Letter]

[More: Meredith Powell in Custody of Her Mother: Boy-Crazy High School Teacher Accused of Rape Resigns, Surrenders Teaching Certificate]




11 Comments on “[VIDEO] Libido Update: Boy-Crazy Teacher Meredith Powell Arrested”

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  2. What do you think kids? Did Meredith Powell cross the boundary and does it really matter that the boys involved didn’t report the incident? Does that make it any less wrong or forgivable? And what is it about female teachers who like to use their authority and position of power of minors? Is that to suggest there might be some lack of self in Ms Powell or just a series of exasperating relationships with other men where she felt disempowered. Or to put it another way, had she been a 24 year old male math teacher performing oral sex on 3 female students would we all be rushing to like the Free Powell page?


  3. The Butcher says:

    I wonder whatever happened to the “free Powell” page? Last I checked Facebook, it’s no longer there.

  4. burnsj52 says:

    Now that I’ve seen the timeline, I’m thinking that Meredith was trying to make amends with the letter, perhaps brought on by the guilt from her interactions with all three, or four?, students.
    It is easier for her to write that letter considering she hadn’t done anything physical with the older student, but she had already committed one felony by the time the drunken texting happened.
    I am unsure what will happen, but now that I know she about the first act, I’m starting to wonder if he really understood the seriousness of what she was doing at the time. Sometimes human do not understand danger.
    The letter might have been due to all three events, I don’t know. It was easier for her to own up to that act than to the other two.

  5. gay club says:

    He / she still looks like he’s 20. Amazing.

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  7. realitybytes says:

    Honestly I think °most° of these cases, male or female, are just a waste. These aren’t children and these teens knew exactly what they were doing and went after what they wanted. Later they will look back and brag about how they banged their teacher. Everything’s great till they get caught and then they like to play all innocent, hah!
    If the system is going to charge the teachers then they need to come up with a more unified and lateral punishment system. I laughed when I read that she ‘raped’ him. More like he ripped off his clothes, pushed her on the bed and jumped her bones and rode her with everything he had, lol.
    They should charge and punish the students too, they know EXACTLY what they are doing and what will happen when the teacher gets caught, they know they will eventually ruin the teachers life but they don’t care, they’re getting what they want out of it! Jail time for the students and this crap will stop. Yeah, the teachers crossed the line and are responsible for their actions, but they also had someone happily pushing them off the cliff! Heh.

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