Woody Allen Heckled at Broadway Matinee

woody-allen-peekingMara Siegler and Emily Smith  report:  Woody Allen is continuing to put on a brave face following abuse allegations from his adopted daughter — even attending a Broadway musical where one audience member brazenly yelled, “I think he did it!”

Allen, wife Soon-Yi and their two daughters Bechet and Manzie attended the “After Midnight,” matinee starring k.d. lang at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre on Saturday.

The moment the show ended and the crowd stood for the ovation, the famously shy director, who is nominated for Best Original Screenplay for “Blue Jasmine,” and his family made a beeline for the door.

But he didn’t go unnoticed by the crowd.

A witness tells us, “A 60-something woman loudly exclaimed to her friend, ‘I think he did it!’ as Woody and his family scooted out. A protective Soon-Yi shot her a dirty look. Woody seemed unfazed.”

Allen and Soon-Yi, who married in 1997, had arrived at the show with their daughters early to avoid the crowd.


A fellow audience member said they seemed affectionate as they waited in their seats at the start, “At one point, he leaned over to Soon-Yi and said something. She put her hand on his face, it seemed a very loving gesture.”

Dylan Farrow, adopted daughter of Allen and Mia Farrow, published an open letter on the Times Web site on Feb. 1 detailing an alleged sexual assault he carried out on her when she was 7….

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