Obama’s Anti-Science California Drought Crusade


The nine most terrifying in the English language: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

John Hayward  writes:  Fresh from his diplomatic triumph in handing the Middle East over to Russia, America’s buffoonish Secretary of State, John Kerry, took his sad-clown act to Indonesia, where he somehow contrived to link a volcanic eruption to man-made global warming.  But that’s not even the dumbest gesture an Obama Administration official has made toward the official government religion of the United States recently.

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No, the winning act of devotion to the Church of Global Warming is President Obama blaming drought in California on the Angry Sky Gods.  It might just be the dumbest thing any American president has ever said.  It’s so far opposed to actual science that Obama might as well have blamed elves and trolls for the drought, and announced a billion-dollar initiative to hunt them down.  Not even the more respectable pseudo-scientists of the Church think the California drought has anything to do with global warming.

In fact, it’s yet another example of a problem Big Government created, and now offers itself as the solution to.   This is a reliable mechanism for the growth of the socialist super-State.  Government meddles in the lives of its citizens, creates a problem that marinates for several years, and then shows up to declare that only even bigger, and even less rational, statist controls can clean up the mess it created.

Health care is the paramount example of this, a decades-long bid for total socialist power that began with wage controls decades ago.  Because of those wage controls, health insurance became a hyper-regulated benefit linked to employment, rather than something Americans purchase and own individually.  The buyer was separated by growing layers of corporate and government bureaucracy from the product, creating the confusing and frightening environment that Barack Obama’s Even Bigger Government stepped in to “solve” with ObamaCare – itself a program designed from the ground up to fail, producing a radioactive meltdown that will pave the way for The Biggest Government You’ve Ever Seen to nationalize all of medicine…

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