[VIDEO] Kiev Spirals Out of Control


John O’Sullivan  reports:  At least nine people have been killed today in renewed clashes between the police and protesters in Kiev. That number will probably increase over the course of the night since the police are currently overturning barriers and clearing demonstrators from Kiev’s central square, the Maidan, where they have been encamped for the last three months.



The battle, broadcast live on numerous television and Internet outlets, is like a scene from the apocalypse, with fires spreading, laser beams searching the landscape, fireworks thrown, smoke from grenades, and a constant deafening sound from loudspeakers.

…In other words, Ukraine, which in the past few weeks had edged away from the threat of civil conflict — see yesterday’s NRO editorial — has now jumped headlong into a revolutionary struggle that may mutate into civil war. The police and paramilitary forces may succeed in clearing the demonstrators from the Maidan tonight, but that is unlikely to restore the stability that President Yanukovych seeks. The broadcast scenes will erode the government’s credit with middling opinion — they are all too reminiscent of the Soviet past. Clashes are taking place elsewhere in Kiev and the country. And the opposition, both in the streets and in parliament, has the sympathy of everyone outside the Kremlin

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