[VIDEO] $180,000 in Taxpayer Money Swallowed in Corvette Museum Sinkhole

The Daily Caller‘s  writes:  “The Museum paid more than $200k out of pocket as it was a matching grant,” she explained in an email. “With these simulators we offer free teen driving courses, international driving courses, older driver courses through the NCM Drivers’ Safety Academy.”


Frassinelli added that the simulators offer the capability for people to practice things that cannot be road tested, like dealing with a blow out tire and wheel drop off, as well as different weather conditions.

Last week the National Corvette Museum made headlines when a sinkhole formed under the facility and swallowed eight of the cars in the museum…

“I was stunned,” Butch Hume, president of Louisville’s Falls City Corvette Club told USA Today. “What a terrible place for it to happen.”

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The Daily Caller

3 Comments on “[VIDEO] $180,000 in Taxpayer Money Swallowed in Corvette Museum Sinkhole”

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