Goldberg: Coffee Break Items

goldberg-jonah-1sOne of the benefits of subscribing to Jonah Goldberg‘s G-File is the pleasure of scrolling down to the bottom of his informal collection of weekly thoughts, essays, opinions, wisecracks, dog tales, and think tank coffee break items, to get to the sugary dessert at the end: His links.  ‘Various & Sundry’. I sometimes borrow from this list because there’s always better stuff in his browser history, even on a slow news week, than there is in mine, any week. Where he gets this stuff, who knows. Maybe those NRO guys collect and share items from procrastination browsing, tweets, emails, post-it notes on the medicine cabinet, bartenders, cab drivers…

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Instead of posting relevant material from the main course of the weekly edition of Jonah’s G-File, I’m cheating, skipping right to the dessert, and sharing it here:

Various and Sundry:

I’d like to see what she’d do if a squirrel tried this.

Who knew the faces of Olympic figure skating could be so creepy?

This, however, is pretty cool: view from on top of an Olympic ski jump.

Another reason to like cows: They dislike Euro-club music. Cows make more milk when listening to slow jams.

The favorite books of all 44 presidents of the US.

Candle company releases manly musks like gasoline, wet grass. That’s fine, but I want to copyright my term for man-smell: “manbrosia.”

If I wasn’t on a low-carb diet, I would so try to beat this. Man eats four Chipotle burritos in three minutes.

Camels are awful animals, Part 23,997,004.c.

Literary predictions that came true!

Goldberg-SundaeAwful stories that shouldn’t be funny!

First-world toys. $330 smart toothbrush connects to your phone.

I knew it! Global warming causes Godzilla growth.

Only slightly less implausible, global warming increases crime.

How people used to explain dinosaurs.

As America’s self-declared foremost advocate for Papal Ninjas (and the restoration of Papal Armies), I must say I particularly liked this picture of a bad-ass priest. The graphic novel writes itself.

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