[VIDEO] Obama’s ‘Assault on the Dictionary’

President Obama has “never been interested in lowering the deficit,” Charles Krauthammer said on Special Report. “It contradicts the reason he ran for president: It’s to change a lot of things in society, to give people stuff like health care.”

“On this idea of austerity…we’ve talked about Obama’s assaulting the Constitution…”

“…this is an assault on the dictionary.”

Stay tuned for the President’s upcoming assault on The American Heritage Roget’s Thesaurus, The Bible (King James Version), the The World Encyclopedia of Comics (Volume 1)and the The Complete Works of Shakespeare

Obama ran a $4 trillion deficit in three years, Krauthammer explained…

“the deficit that he now touts as the triumph of austerity is the highest, higher than any deficit in the history of the country preceding him.”

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National Review Online

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